Introduction: How to make a (good) promotional film
Introduction: How to make a (good) promotional film

Introduction: How to make a (good) promotional film

Hi, I’m Emma, Head of Film at Life Size Media. (That’s me, doing my thing.)

Sharing everything with you

I’ve spent the last few years travelling from cow sheds to the National Gallery, airfields to science labs, all in the pursuit of telling the best cleantech stories. Along the way I’ve learnt a lot about how to make a good promotional film. That includes planning the story, what to shoot (and how!), interviews, editing, distribution… everything. And now I am going to share it ALL with you.

Who’s this blog for?

  • Organisations that don’t have the budget to hire an external agency – and don’t want to make too bad a mess of it!
  • Companies looking to hire an agency – but who want to understand the process better themselves
  • Individuals learning how to direct/produce their own films – the advice here is best applicable to short corporate style films as well as documentaries
  • Camera ops, sound recordists, editors or other individuals looking to work in the industry – who want to understand how their work fits into the bigger picture
  • Anyone who wants to make a film with us – but is intrigued to know all the nitty-gritty that goes into it

Our films

We make short, promotional films specifically for clean technology and sustainability clients. In general, they are 3-4 minutes long and interview led. So this series is most relevant for that type of film. To get a feel for our films and our clients, take a look at the Life Size Media showreel.

However, your film doesn’t have to be about a clean technology company. It might be about a different type of company, or a community group, or a new initiative, a holiday destination or even your family. If you are looking to make longer form documentaries or low-budget dramas then a lot of this information could still be relevant.

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The full contents are listed below. Links will become clickable once the chapter is released.

Part 1: What is your story?

Part 2: Key messages

Part 3: Audio and visuals: two stories

Part 4: Shot list

Part 5: Your team of professionals

Part 6: Preparing for shoot day

Part 7: The shoot

Part 8: Shooting – a non-camera person’s rough guide

Part 9: The importance of sound

Part 10: Interviews – preparing in advance

Part 11: Interviews – asking the questions

Part 12: Transcribing the interviews and finding the story

Part 13: The Picture edit

Part 14: Finishing touches

Part 15: Strategy and distribution

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