We produce award-winning films for clients in the cleantech and sustainability sectors, including technology showcases, event coverage, news pieces and product launches. Our dedicated production team will work with you from conception and storyboarding through to delivering the finished film.

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What we offer

  • Film storyboarding and concept development
  • Scriptwriting based on strong technical understanding
  • Arranging film locations and interviews
  • Wide range of professional film equipment
  • Full film crew including camera, sound and film director
  • Handling all logistics on set
  • Full editing service including sound, music and titles

What makes us different


We take care of everything

Once we understand your business and what you want the film to achieve, our production team will handle the whole process for you, from concept to final cut. You don’t have to worry about creating a storyboard or organising logistics on the day and you won’t be charged extra for things like music or well-designed film titles.


We are specialists in the cleantech and sustainability sector

Yes we’re good at making films but it’s also very important that we understand your business and technology. Our expertise in the cleantech and sustainability sectors means we know how to tell the right story. We know the right questions to ask and have a good understanding of the audience you want to reach.


We always start with a good story

Most companies now understand that film can be an extremely powerful marketing tool, but so many corporate films are dull and formulaic. No one wants to see wooden interviews and unimaginative product shots. They want to be engaged. They want to be entertained. We pride ourselves on always telling a good story.


We always work with a full, highly experienced film crew

One guy and a camera might be cheap but the danger is that your film will look cheap too. We work with a full film crew including director, camera and sound. Our team is highly experienced and professional and our equipment is of the highest standard. That commitment and quality shows in the film we produce.

Film examples

Case studies

Intelligent lighting control at the National Gallery

Technology showcases

World-leading designer of high performance electric motors

Corporate promos

A new innovation to harness energy from wind

News pieces

Industrial biotechnology research at Warwick University

Product launches

Launch of the world’s most sustainable printer


DECC Energy Entrepreneurs Fund networking day
  • “They rapidly grasp the important messages to produce a highly polished and effective product. The whole team know what they are doing and make great films that get your audiences attention.
    Peter Hammond, CTO, CCm Research
  • “Life Size Media was called in at short notice but quickly took all of the organisation off our plate. During the event they operated independently and discreetly and delivered beyond our expectations”
    Beverley Gower-Jones, CEO Carbon Limiting Technologies
  • “This entertaining short film provides an amusing illustration of just what is possible starting with bio-based materials and using innovation and imagination.”
    Paul Mines, CEO, Biome Bioplastics
  • “From the outset it was clear that Life Size Media were going to have a very professional approach to film making. The whole team really took time to get the shots needed to accurately tell our story in what at times were difficult conditions.”
    Martin Rigley, CEO, Lindhurst Engineering
  • “Life Size Media quickly got to grips with not only the technology and solution, but more importantly the positive impact it can have and worked with our customers to create a really engaging story. We could not have been happier.”
    Mat Holloway, Managing Director, Q-bot
  • “Working with the Life Size Media team was really straightforward, and we were very happy with the quality of the video produced and the message it portrayed. Moving towards commercialisation, the video has helped raise our profile substantially.”
    Christopher Rayner, Director, C-Capture

Meet our film crew

If you think a film could benefit your company, we’d love to share some ideas with you. Contact us and our producer will be in touch to discuss what you’re looking for.