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10 Cleantech Twitter accounts you should be following

In a fast-paced, ever-evolving sector like cleantech, Twitter is the best platform to be on to keep up to date with the latest news, industry trends and new legislation. Here are ten of our favourite cleantech accounts which we think you should be following.

CleantechGroup – @cleantechgroup

We’re starting with the obvious one. Cleantech Group is the cleantech go-to on Twitter, sharing industry news and information to help cleantech companies get access to capital, investors, research and promotional opportunities. With offices in both the UK and the USA, the Cleantech Group provides information relevant for cleantech businesses all around the globe.  

Follow them for: keeping up to date with the latest cleantech news and connecting with like-minded thought leaders.

David Hunt – @DavidHSearch

David is the founder and CEO of Hyperion, an executive search firm specialising in the recruitment of cleantech talent, and the host of the Leaders in Cleantech podcast. A cleantech thought leader, he tweets about the latest developments in the e-mobility and energy sectors, with a focus on the UK market.

Follow him for: discovering new cleantech market leaders and staying up to date with the most recent cleantech news.    

Klaudine Wakasa – @KlaudineWakasa

Klaudine is a cleantech specialist pushing for the development of a green economy in Africa. She mostly tweets about energy and solar power and shares news from the cleantech sector in Africa.

Follow her for: insights on the development of the cleantech sector in Africa and the Middle East. 

James Murray – @James_BG

James is the editor of BusinessGreen, one of the leading outlets for environmental news. On Twitter, he shares and comments on the latest European and UK cleantech news, innovations and legislation updates.

Follow him for: in-depth analysis of the current cleantech news and UK politics, as well as hilarious and heartwarming insights on parenthood.

Neha Misra – @LightSolar

Neha is the co-founder of Solar Sister, a company empowering women entrepreneurs in Africa in the clean energy industry. She tweets about women in the cleantech industry and women’s rights.

Follow her for: inclusive cleantech industry content and updates.

Gilbert Campbell III – @gilbertcampbell

Gilbert is the founder of Volt Energy, a US renewable energy company that finances and develops solar projects, EV charging stations and energy storage solutions.  Through his work, he helps to provide “ladders of opportunity” in cleantech to people of colour through partnerships with historically black colleges and universities and black-owned businesses on clean energy installations and education projects.

Follow him for: renewable energy news and a more inclusive take on the cleantech sector.

Prof. Katharine Hayhoe – @Khayhoe

Katharine is a Canadian climate scientist, a professor in the department of political science at the Texas Tech University and a director at the Texas Climate Science Center. She tweets about the latest news in climate science and shares the opinion of many other climate scientists. 

Follow her for: a forthright look at the science of climate change and the latest news in the cleantech sector.

Simon Evans – @DrSimEvans

Simon is Carbon Brief’s Deputy and Policy Editor. On his account, he shares in-depth analysis of the current cleantech and energy news from Carbon Brief and other media. He also retweets opinions from many experts in the field, so you can expand you network and get a broad overview of a single topic. 

Follow him for: in-depth analysis of the latest climate and energy news and for his fantastic comebacks to climate change deniers.

Alice Ross – @aliceross_

Alice is a reporter at Unearthed, Greenpeace’s investigative journalism platform, after having written for the Guardian and The Bureau. On her Twitter account, she covers the gamut of cleantech-related issues, from energy to biodiversity news, with an activist and uncompromising look.

Follow her for: a more activist approach to cleantech news and for discovering extensive climate-related investigations. 

Bloomberg Green – @climate

The sustainable arm of Bloomberg News has quickly become a must-read amongst our team. With their team featuring prominent journalists such as Akshat Rathi, Kate Mackenzie, Nathaniel Bullard or Emily Chasan, you will only find excellent quality journalism on their Twitter account.

Follow them for: the latest news in cleantech, with a focus on Europe and the USA.

Do you have any favourite Twitter cleantech accounts that you think should be on this list? Let us know!

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