DONOPOLY Challenge: Done!
DONOPOLY Challenge: Done!

DONOPOLY Challenge: Done!

Picking up a Polar explorer at Liverpool Street station

We did it!! On Saturday Life Size Media spent a bright, sunny day…actually, a wet, grey and rainy day… cycling and walking across London, visiting all the places on the Monopoly board. A lost bank card, sore body parts and more visits to train stations than any of us will ever make in our lifetime later, we have done  the DoNopoly Challenge.

Starting at The Table for a hearty breakfast, we followed a route that began at Old Kent Road, circling all the way up to North London, finally finishing up in central London. Even though the weather was miserable there were so many priceless moments that we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the aching muscles were all worth it.

Fran goes to JAIL

Highlights from the day included cycling over Tower Bridge to put Fran in jail, picking up a Polar explorer from Liverpool Street Station, having a Boris bike race alongside Regent’s Park (probably not acceptable behaviour in the borough of Marylebone) and, Alisa being so committed to the cause that she lay down on the ground to get her face next to an electricity company sign just to prove we’d visited one.

Electricity company or losing the plot?

Taking the day quite gently a first, somehow it took us until 4pm just to complete half the board. This meant we had to tear around central London, from Bond Street to The Strand, and this is when Alisa began to look like she’d just lost the plot!

As stipulated in TheDoNation’s rules we visited EVERY site on the board including: both utilities, all stations,went to jail, captured a community chest (see picture below), got a chance and somehow found free parking in London! Not only did we make it to all the sites but we also reached 86 percent of our CO2 saving target on our DoNopoly Challenge sponsorship page, saving 869kg of CO2. Not bad for a days work!

Emma getting overexcited about finding a ‘community’ chest!

Our sponsorship page is still up and running and we’re so close to making our target. If you feel like helping us just tip over the edge then please choose a pledge that suits you, and get DOing.

To see the full glory of the day head to our