Harnessing our energy potential
Harnessing our energy potential

Harnessing our energy potential

Partnerships for Renewables brochure

Despite recent squabbles in the corridors of power, onshore wind is widely recognised as the least costly and most easily delivered form of renewable energy. The UK enjoys the greatest wind resource in Europe and the government’s renewable energy road map sees the sector growing 13% per year and contributing up to 13GW of electricity by 2020. It was this potential to make a significant contribution to our low-carbon energy future that inspired our work for Partnerships for Renewables (PFR), who develop onshore wind projects working with landowners and local communities.

We were first approached by PFR to develop a new company brochure that would outline both the importance of onshore wind in forging a more sustainable future for the UK’s energy and economy, and the unique offering in delivering that potential. The brochure uses strong project imagery and infographics to illustrate the complete process from initial site appraisal through to stakeholder consultation.

“Life Size Media have been great to work with – they’re responsive and I’ve really appreciated their advice, which has always been of the highest quality,” commented John Mills, Head of Communications and Marketing. “I’m delighted with the way our brochure has turned out, and look forward to working with them in other aspects of our external comms and branding.”

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Having completed the brochure we were asked to reproduce the updated design across the company’s branding materials. PFR wanted designs that reflected the updated visusal style of the brochure while keeping the core elements of their original brand. Used on everything from PowerPoint templates to planning documents, the new designs had to be appropriate for a wide range of applicications. The guidelines we developed provided a comprehensive outline of how different design elements should be used to ensure that all new materials remained “in brand” and looking their best.

“After introducing a new branding approach through our corporate brochure, Life Size Media successfully applied the same design elements to other aspects of our branding, creating a much cleaner, uncluttered feel to the way the company presents itself to stakeholders,” explained John.

This month, PFR came to us with a new challenge; a website to display real time wind data at their latest turbine site. Diving in, we combined the fresh new branding with some nifty coding to create an easily accessible site that works across all devices.

“Life Size Media took a potentially complex request and created a simple and effective solution, generating innovative ideas to create the professional image we were looking for. The end result was perfect,” explained Simon Vince, Construction and Operations Director.