And that’s a WRAP: 7 Days to Sustainability – Day 5
And that’s a WRAP: 7 Days to Sustainability – Day 5

And that’s a WRAP: 7 Days to Sustainability – Day 5

Today is the last of what Life Size has deemed ‘theme’ days for our 7 Days to Sustainability challenge. As it’s my day, I shall be upping the stakes on how far we can go to challenge ourselves to be greener when it comes to food, water and our well-being.

Not content with simply asking people to bring in a packed lunch for my day, I’ve decided to provide lunch for a party of ‘greenies’ while we discuss  a variety of issues regarding sustainable food. Due to my luncheon being all about reducing office food waste it will be hosted in conjunction with WRAP whose vision is for a world without waste, where resources are used sustainably. Our guests include The Sustainable Restaurant Association, The DoNation and Project Dirt.

Later on, I shall be speaking to Cheryl Woodruff, a representative from WRAP who will be telling me all about the work the organisation does and giving some insight into people’s relationship with food and the measures they’ve been taking to address the 120kg of food that’s thrown away every year by individuals.  You only have to look to the image in this blog of a river of rubbish in Manila to realise that we’re polluting both our planet’s resources and ourselves by putting people, or should I say the most vulnerable communities, at closer proximity to the unhealthy by-products of what we consume every day.

You can check out my Hug in he Snug with Cheryl here:


I know that we have a quiz lined-up and I distributed a food waste diary round the office at the beginning of the week to explore Life Sizers food habits, so you’ll have to wait and see what we find out: who’s most lousy with their leftovers, or bound by supermarkets’ best by dates, and who pops to Pret more than they cook in their own kitchen? All will be revealed….

What’s at the back of your fridge? I found this in the Life Size fridge…tut tut.

What we throw away

Sustainable offerings for our anti food waste themed lunch. From using up bananas in a cake to british ingredient based focaccia including herbs from Emma’s garden.

Lunch was a roaring success with everyone tucking into sustainable food and Cheryl quizing us all on food waste. There really are some amazing food waste facts so if you think you don’t waste food, think again! Here are some examples to give you… food for thought (sorry).

Every DAY in the UK we throw away: 5 million potatoes….. 4 million apples…. and 2 million slices of ham. Costing the average household £50 A WEEK!

Food diaries

This week we’ve been filling out our food diaries. We would all call ourselves concientious food users, however there were some nasty surprises…

Emma: Emma was doing well until she threw away a WHOLE MELON. Her defence is that it was definitely a bit ‘iffy’. Although she managed to save a lot of ‘on their way out’ bananas by making some delicious banana cake (it was yummy), two of them couldn’t be saved and had to go in the compost.

Fran:  Fran felt that being a ‘small eater’ would stand her in good stead. However, it does mean that she often finds things a ‘bit too much’ for her, and she seems to consistently be throwing away a tablespoon of food from all her main meals.

Alisa: Alisa tried hard all week until she had too much on yesterday, took her eye off the ball, and threw away half a salad.

Charlotte: Charlotte has a good track record of not throwing away edible food, but her fruit fetish means a lot of organic matter is still making its way into the bin.