The birth of a brochure in 10 (not-so-easy) steps
The birth of a brochure in 10 (not-so-easy) steps

The birth of a brochure in 10 (not-so-easy) steps

Long before it is even conceived, the life of a brochure is set to be full of challenges. It comes into the world with a mountain of expectations laid upon it and the odds of success stacked against it. Its creators have high hopes: it will become a key player in the business it represents, it will drive sales, it will motivate staff, it may even mark a turning point. But it will have to work hard to compete; there are so many others like it in the world already. The brochure will have to find a way to stand out from the crowd, grab and hold attention and achieve its goals quickly and effectively. It’s going to require one heck of a gestation period!

1. Whiteboards


It all starts with a whiteboard, the bigger the better. It’s important to trust the process at this time, even when your client seems to go off on a bit of a tangent involving the Mandelbrot Set. Eventually you will get down to the essence of what your brochure is trying to achieve.

2. Geometry


Spend quite a few hours wrestling with tricky geometric shapes until you forget what you were trying to achieve in the first place. Sometimes you have to lose yourself in a design before it finds you.

3. Shopping


Get familiar with the product, get up close and personal. If you need to spend a long time in your local supermarket shopping for plastic aluminium laminates, then so be it.

4. Inspiration


Be prepared for inspiration to strike anywhere at any time.

5. Chaos


Remember that chaos often gives birth to beauty. The first steps may not be pretty but what’s important at this stage is getting all the details right. A crazy hand drawn mess lies behind every great brochure.

6. Stock


Get excited by stock. This is not a last minute choice. If your client has a process that recovers aluminium, find a way to create an inside cover that looks like aluminium foil.

7. Photography

Give the cover everything you’ve got, even if that means setting up your own photography studio, spending hours getting the lighting right and arranging a collage of toothpaste tubes and baby food pouches.

8. Perfection

Be relentless in your pursuit of perfection. Your life is about to become filled with grid lines, margins, vectors, gradients, spreads, dimensions and typography.

9. Passion

Find a printer who cares every bit as much about this brochure as you do. Essentially this is your midwife, you want them to worry and fuss and celebrate with you as they bring your brochure into the world. (Our award-winning print partner Seacourt simply rocks our world -thanks Vanessa!).

10. Satisfaction

Sit back, relax and enjoy those first precious moments together. Breathe in the smell of fresh print, stroke the glossy finish, enjoy just looking at it. Then let it go, the world is waiting.

I wanted to write you a quick note to say thank you very much for the excellent work you’ve done in preparing the brochure, outstanding! They have definitely been flying off the stand at RWM 2014 and the diagram centre-fold has been a fantastic aid in explaining our process to visitors (both old and new). To say I like them is an understatement – I think they are brilliant!

David Boorman, Business Development Director, Enval Ltd