Biome Bioplastics brochure
Biome Bioplastics brochure

Biome Bioplastics brochure

Intelligent Plastics Bioplastics & Industrial Biotechnology Marketing Material Brochure for Cleantech

Life Size Media has produced an updated company brochure for Biome Bioplastics, reflecting the company’s new research and development activities and streamlined product range. With the brochure launching at Biome Bioplastics’ Annual General Meeting last week, Emma looks back at our longest running campaign.

Three years ago the CEO of Biome Bioplastics asked Life Size Media to produce a new corporate brochure. The project turned out to be the start of an unforgettable adventure that would see us wrapping our heads around the molecular structure of lignin, crawling on our knees to get inside a nurdle shoot and drinking endless cups of sustainable coffee.

Developing a brochure for a new client involves a lot more than just putting some nice words and pictures together. For Biome Bioplastics, the original brochure project was a chance for us to address the rationale for bioplastics, and position the company as a leading developer of starch-based plastics. It was also an opportunity for us to develop the whole visual identity of the company.

Biome_website_computer_cropThe brochure proved to be a valuable tool for the company and was the impetus for our extended “Intelligent plastics, naturally” campaign. The next three years would see us producing a new website, promotional films, sales sheets, product boxes, exhibition stands, presentations, handouts, annual report templates, business cards… the list goes on.

Alongside this we began a PR campaign to raise awareness of the potential of bioplastics and position Biome as a leading developer of high performance products. Our focus on Biome Bioplastics’ key sales markets drew direct interest from target customers, particularly in the US. Meanwhile, our PR for Biome Bioplastics’ research work gained them credibility with funding bodies and the academic community.

The impact was certainly felt by the company, as CEO Paul Mines commented:

The team has taken the time to understand our business, its stakeholders and objectives. They deliver again and again on attention-grabbing commercial messages in an ethical and sustainable context. We are particularly impressed with how their PR efforts have translated into high quality sales enquiries.

And so three years on from the original brochure that started it all, it was time to accept that an update was needed. Biome Bioplastics still held the vision that we had helped them define: “to challenge the dominance of oil-based plastics and ultimately replace them completely”, but the company was more focused with a streamlined product range and a strong focus on R&D. The new brochure was launched last week at the company’s Annual General Meeting.

You can‘t enjoy the soft touch laminated finish but you can view the Biome Bioplastics brochure here.  And visit to find out more.