Social media is the new business card at #CLP2016
Social media is the new business card at #CLP2016

Social media is the new business card at #CLP2016

The Climate Launchpad 2016 finals

This month we went along to the Climate Launchpad finals in Tallinn, Estonia to check out the ideas and inspirations of young cleantech start-ups from across Europe. The competition saw companies from 30 different countries entering and pitching against one another for cash prizes. We were there to absorb and observe and gauge the feel of the Estonian cleantech market, home to one of our top clients, Skeleton Technologies.

The vibe was young, fresh, smart and fun. There was a real energy and not just because most of the people attending were under 30. It was also a credit to Climate Launchpad (shout out to organisers Climate KIC and Startup Estonia) for tapping into and facilitating that energy by really focusing on digital marketing and social media. The event spoke the language of the people attending. It was bold and accessible and it made you want to engage and be part of the fun.

#CLP2016 social highlights

The Selfie Stop

A very clever idea. If people are taking selfies, people are posting selfies. The #s and @s of Climate Launchpad were plastered everywhere, the documentation, the walls, the screens – so you were able to grab and post a selfie in a matter of moments.

The rock ‘n’ roll mainstage

The main stage looked like a TED talk or a rock band could start any minute and it wouldn’t have been out of place at a big Silicon Valley product launch. Any time the stage was not in use the two large screens streamed live tweets from the event, bringing the physical and virtual into the same space and giving them equal importance.

Social media is the new business card

Social media allows you to open a dialogue with anyone, regardless of whether you bump into them or not. At the same time as engaging with your existing audience you’re also reaching a wider audience. And what you’ll find is that if you do engage with people on social at an event, it is so much easier to engage in real life because they already have an idea, a hint of you and what you do. The first step in the process of getting to each other is done before you even set eyes on the actual person.

So why wouldn’t it be the focus of your event? But in our experience it’s often overlooked or an afterthought, especially in the corporate sector. Social media doesn’t wait for you to be ready, it’s a constant moving wave of energy and the only way to benefit is to jump in and cause a splash.

Digital marketing doesn’t replace physical networking

I’m not saying that the virtual world of making connections should replace physical networking. Most of our client work still comes from making face-to-face connections. But I can see all of this changing and not because digital networking will take over physical but because there is becoming less of a distinction between the two.

Companies that are bringing social media into their events are going to succeed because social media and digital marketing is a very real part of the networking process.

Our final thought on the #CLP2016 finals

Workshops for start-ups

We’ve had lots of interest from early stage startups that want to work with us but aren’t yet able to afford a full retainer or bigger project work. So we are launching a new programme of workshops for start-ups focused on creating a brand and building an audience. If you’d like to organise a workshop with us or find out more, then get in touch with Jules.

Gallery photo credit: Climate Launchpad.