What a successful brand development process looks like
What a successful brand development process looks like

What a successful brand development process looks like

Life Size Media has recently been chosen for two major rebrand projects for new cleantech clients (hurrah!). During a recent presentation meeting with one of our clients, our new Marketing Manager Adam Brady literally had an “Ah ha!” moment as he begun to see how our brand development process pieces together. From brand workshop through to execution, a thorough process that is built around your unique story is quite simply the difference between decent brand work and great brand work.

Here our CEO Alisa chats with Adam about his “Ah ha!” moment and the elements that go into creating a truly successful brand that is right for you.

Alisa: Adam, you’ve been with us for a couple of months now and are getting familiar with our brand development process – from the beginning through to the execution. In our meeting yesterday, you said something that I really liked. It was like you had an “Ah ha!” moment when you said, “Oh I see how it all comes together now.” I think your exact words were, “I see why Alisa goes on and on about all of this.” So tell us about your Ah ha! moment.

Brand attribtues

Adam leads a brand attribute exercise with a new client

Adam: Ok so we tend to do brand workshops from the very beginning of a client process. We’ll go through each major part of the brand and find out from the client’s team what is special about the technology, what’s unique about the company, and so on. And one of the things that we decide during that process is what are the client’s three brand attributes. This comes from a process of probably hundreds and hundreds of post-it notes and then we whittle it down to just three. And this work becomes really helpful as you go through a process of rebranding because whether you’re looking at the messaging, which is the copy of the content, or the visual design, they can always be a focal point to refer back to.

With this client yesterday, we’ve been looking a lot at their visual development and how to update their logo and present their website, and I think it was quite hard at one point for us all to see where it was going in context with the rest of the project. But then as we were going through the messaging we realised that they actually had the same strands. Their brand attributes were being reflected in their visuals as well as their messaging, and will subsequently be developed in their website. You can always link it back to the three brand attributes, and that’s a really good guide.  A nice reminder of what you need to be focusing on.

brand workshops

Alisa prepares to lead a brand workshop at Google Campus

Alisa: I think the take home for me and my message to readers is that there is really a big difference between decent design work and really excellent design work. It’s between “a brand that looks nice and does the job” and “a brand that is actually really going to deliver for you as a company”. The work we’re creating is coming out of that company’s story, it’s coming out of who they are, of the effect they want to have on people, the mission that they have, their story. You see that in all the little visual details that we’re creating, it’s not just about creating a nice design, it’s creating a design and a brand that tells a story, that is really true to you and your company, and that makes all the difference.

Adam: I also feel that it might be quite hard sometimes for clients to see our brand development process and to see why we’re doing what we’re doing – particularly if they’ve been working with their own brand for such a long time and it’s quite hard to let go of some elements. But it acts as quite a nice focal point for them to to refer back, because they chose the brand attributes – it wasn’t us. And so they get to that point and then they can realise “actually yes this does make sense and this is loyal to what we want our brand to be”.

Alisa: And I think if you’re not feeling that, if you’re doing a brand development process and you don’t feel a sense of ownership, if it doesn’t feel right to you, then something’s not working. That’s something to definitely watch out for. You have to put in the work right from the beginning to understand the brand’s story and take it from there.

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