Life Size Media is back for more #cleantechandcoffee with Cleantech Invest
Life Size Media is back for more #cleantechandcoffee with Cleantech Invest

Life Size Media is back for more #cleantechandcoffee with Cleantech Invest

On her latest trip to Berlin, our CEO Alisa Murphy caught up with our friends and fellow communication gurus, Cleantech Invest.

We’ve mentioned them on our blog before but in case you have forgotten: Cleantech Invest is a Scandinavian investment firm working to accelerate growth in companies that solve global challenges, and they really know their stuff.

Here is Alisa chatting with Bigge Lidgen (their CEO) over some coffee and delicious looking desserts.

One year on from Alisa’s first appearance, the interview features on their YouTube series #cleantechandcoffee, and is definitely worth a watch. Listen to Alisa and Bigge discuss the importance of engaging with investors and keeping a presence in the virtual world.

Alisa and Bigge agree that annual reports should be a way to remind shareholders of your achievements throughout the year, not just a last minute stale overview. However, they should definitely not be a replacement for regular communication and updates. Maintaining a strong and current presence in the virtual world can bring huge benefits in terms of business development and getting your brand out there. This familiarity can open many doors.

Here at Life Size Media, we are fans of collaboration: what better way to learn new skills and communication tips than to grill each other on business strategies?

We know that we keep going on about it… but Cleantech Invest really is clued up when it comes to communications. They have even just hired their own full time Communications Director! We admire their strong communication approach which gives regular updates and information through many channels – including Soundcloud, a great website, social sites and YouTube (as you can see!).

As well as picking Bigge’s brain we were really pleased to be able to talk about our Berlin launch and first client partnership in the German market. As Alisa mentions in the interview, Berlin is a great environment for start-ups, especially cleantech. The combination of such an established manufacturing industry with so many young, dynamic, emerging start-ups sets a great platform for Life Size Media and the work we do. Bigge shares this opinion, ‘Berlin is the the hub for not just Germany’s but the whole of Europe’s start-up scene’.

Well we are very excited to be in action here… watch this space.

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