Oxsensis: The return of a happy cleantech film customer
Oxsensis: The return of a happy cleantech film customer

Oxsensis: The return of a happy cleantech film customer

Last year, as part of the set of cleantech films we produced for BEIS (formerly DECC), we met Oxsensis, a company producing sensors for harsh environments. They were so thrilled with our work that last month they asked us to come back and make them another film. What can we say: we’re awesome!

The brief
Since we first met them in 2015, Oxsensis have moved into a new larger facility and have shifted their focus from technology development to manufacture and deployment with customers. They wanted a new cleantech film to reflect this change and showcase the new facilities and capabilities of the company.

The concept
When brainstorming with Oxsensis they described to us the full process of manufacturing their highly-specialised sensors. As they listed the sensor cleaning, splicing, welding and laser room (cool!), we saw the opportunity to produce a film that followed the process in full. The challenge would be how to show a full process when parts are IP protected, hazardous or hidden from view. But we love a challenge.

The result
The client described it as ‘perfect first time’, but we’ll let you judge for yourself

Going the extra mile

When thinking how to end the film, the client was very keen to see the final sensor in place on a real-world application. And we just happened to get them a shot of one of their sensors being attached to a real gas turbine test engine, all the way down in Devon. Because we’re that good.

In fact, we’d already met Centrax, one of Oxsensis’ customers, when filming the original film for Oxsensis. They too had been so impressed with our ‘professional approach’ (their words) that they also wanted us to come back and produce them their very own cleantech film. Coincidentally, we happened to be filming this new film the week before we started filming for Oxsensis and Centrax were very happy to help out, in return for a little help from Oxsensis in the production of their new film. Confused? So we were all for a while! Oxsensis sensor at Centrax

The first film

We first visited the Oxsensis lab in December 2015. To watch the original film and get a sneak peak behind the scenes, read our client spotlight.

lying on floor for perfect shot


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