A race against time for install film
A race against time for install film

A race against time for install film

Our client Arensis produce combined heat and power units that run on biomass. They are a simple, compact technology that can be deployed anywhere in the world. They can also be transported to site and set up in a matter of hours – compared to other solutions that can take days, weeks or even months to commission and build.

We worked with Arensis to produce a film that shows just how quickly one of their units can be installed.


Watch the film!



The filming presented a fair number of challenges. We wanted to capture all the action, but without getting in the way and slowing down the install. We needed to coordinate with Arensis, the truck company, and Chester University where the plant would be installed. There were a lot of health and safety issues to consider with a large shipping container swinging through the air. And to top it all off, every hour or so we were hit with torrential rain!

But hey, we LOVE a challenge.


Client reaction

“Life Size Media certainly know what they are doing when it comes to bringing an idea to life on screen! Great teamwork all round!”

Peter Eaton, UK Technical Sales and Marketing Manager, Arensis Group.

A new style

The films our clients most need are usually slightly longer introductions to their company and technology. It was great for us to have the opportunity to produce something a bit different.

These shorter, title-led films are good in addition to or as an alternative option to a longer film.

They’re great for:

  • News announcements:
    Convey the key messages of a news story, without necessarily having to record new footage or interviews.
  • Highlighting a specific attribute:
    Perhaps, like Arensis, you need a film that conveys a specific aspect of your technology.
  • Social media:
    Shorter films are great for social media, and title-led films work with and without sound. There is a strong current trend towards this type of content.
  • Introduce longer content:
    A short film like this would work well as a quick introduction to longer form content about your technology, project, latest installation etc.

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Want one?

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