Reflections on our larger-than-life sized year
Reflections on our larger-than-life sized year

Reflections on our larger-than-life sized year

2017 has been an exciting year full of highs for us and our clients at Life Size Media. Here are some reflections from the team amongst the festivities…

Alisa – CEO

Opening our first international office and the incredible response we’ve had from the German and wider European market. It’s a big achievement for a small business made all the sweeter by seeing the continued excellent work, real-world results and genuine commitment from my team back in the UK.


Martin W – PR Director UK

This year it’s been remarkable to witness the global paradigm shift to electric vehicles. It’s fantastic Life Size Media is playing its part, driving PR campaigns in the EV sector for our clients Visedo, Ubitricity, and now Akasol. Hearing that our PR wins are having real impact for our clients – like Visedo’s successful sale this year – has been a personal highlight.


Adam – Marketing Manager

Joining Life Size Media in June was a professional highlight of the year, and getting to know the teams behind some of the most amazing cleantech innovations has been enlightening. It’s also really encouraging seeing cleantech given more media space than it ever has done before, with things like renewable energy, electrical vehicles, energy storage and bioplastics dominating news headlines at various points throughout the year.

Personally, I’ve really enjoyed watching everything coming together for KPS. Having started with an initial mood board with some vague ideas on it, KPS has now become a fully-fledged brand with a dynamic website on its way. Seeing the potential of what KPS can achieve with their new brand is exciting.


Manon – PR Assistant

Trump’s decision to withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement and the COP23 made it clear that businesses are now taking leadership stands regarding climate action. Cleantech companies in particular have been highlighted as a major part of the solution. It has been very inspiring and gratifying to help many of our clients make international headlines, like Ubitricity with their streetlight EV charging points.


Lucy – Executive and Outreach Assistant

My 2017 highlight has to be hearing Al Gore speak at Web Summit, a tech conference in Lisbon. His inspiring and take-home message for the entire conference (which covered all areas of technology and innovation not just the clean variety) was this:
‘My purpose is to recruit you to be a part of the solution to the current climate crisis, we can solve it and we have to solve it.’  It really made me proud of the work we do at Life Size.
This and some exciting secret projects to be revealed in 2018…watch this space.


Martin J – PR Director Germany

Giving the start shot to a PR campaign, that runs for 6 months, including dozens of Level 1-Media from all over the world, was a real highlight. Climeworks brings a really strong idea to the world – being a small but important part of that, is fantastic. Glad to see that the shift to clean technologies in nearly all sectors is unstoppable.


Cat – Marketing Director

On the day that Trump announced that he’d begin the process of pulling the US out of the Paris agreement, our client Climeworks gave us reason not to lose hope!  They launched their first commercial plant that removes CO2 from the atmosphere.  Seeing our marketing and PR work come together for the launch was the highlight of my work career in 2017.

Screenshot 2017-12-21 15.33.39

Unfortunately the real Catherine was absent for the Christmas party/photoshoot so we just used a cute substitute…

Emma – Head of Film

Being asked to produce new films for two of our early film clients – Oxsensis and KPS. Lovely to catch up with friendly faces and to see how far both companies have grown and progressed in just a few years (I like to think in part due to our impactful promo films).


What a year! Cheers to that and bring on 2018.


Merry Christmas to everyone that supports and works with Life Size Media.