Sky News features the Enval recycling solution
Sky News features the Enval recycling solution

Sky News features the Enval recycling solution

Life Size Media was on-hand when the Sky News team visited our client Enval at its recycling plant to interview CEO Carlos Ludlow-Palafox. You can read the full article here.

A success story from Cambridge University, Enval unlocks the potential of high performance materials by creating sustainable and economically viable end‑of‑life solutions. The company’s microwave induced pyrolysis process is the only method for recycling plastic aluminium laminates, which is increasingly used by manufacturers to package food, drinks, cosmetics and pet food, but is not currently recycled by councils in the UK. The Enval process is clean, efficient and economical for both post-consumer and industrial waste.

Carlos Ludlow-Palafox, told Sky News: “With the recycling process that we are carrying out we will prevent thousands of tons of material from going to landfill.”

“More importantly, we can recover the aluminium that is embedded in the plastic aluminium laminates. Aluminium is one of the most energy intensive products to produce… so if you already have the aluminium, the last thing you want is to send it back to landfill.”


Sky News have previously covered our client Biome as part of their Sky Ocean Rescue campaign, which is a dedicated to raising awareness of how plastics and other pollution are affecting our oceans.  Through the campaign Sky News explores the different ways people can help to make a difference and inspires them to take action. 

Check out the piece below!