Year of stellar headlines leads to successful sale for Visedo
Year of stellar headlines leads to successful sale for Visedo

Year of stellar headlines leads to successful sale for Visedo

Visedo sale

Life Size Media is celebrating alongside our Finnish client Visedo following the successful sale of the company to leading international engineering group Danfoss.

For the past twelve months, Life Size Media has been working with Visedo to communicate their successes, ensuring headlines in outlets such as The Economist, The Telegraph, Quartz, Business Insider and of course helping CEO Kimmo Rauma reach tens of millions of viewers on the BBC Business Live program.

“We are incredibly proud to have been part of the team helping to get Visedo to that moment” said Martin Watters, Life Size Media PR Director. “For the past year, we’ve worked with Visedo’s fantastic team to communicate their message of an electrification revolution, boosting their profile to the point where a global player like Danfoss made their approach.”

Visedo CEO Kimmo Rauma spoke about delivering his ambition for the company to his company colleagues, investors and now collaborators at Danfoss.

“Joining forces with Danfoss means a quantum leap for our mission to end pollution with the market’s best hybrid and electric power solutions. Together with Danfoss, we will have more capacity and investment for greater innovation and market opportunities.”

Based in Lappeenranta, with offices in Europe and Asia, Visedo develops and manufactures the market’s leading hybrid and electric power systems for marine vessels as well as commercial vehicles such as buses, trucks and heavy-duty machinery and equipment.

This year the company announced Asia’s first hybrid electric passenger ferry, Finland’s first fully electric ferry and fully electric buses for Helsinki. The company signed an agreement with electric drive giant TECO and entered into a joint venture with Beijing Capital Investment.

The Danfoss acquisition includes all Visedo subsidiaries globally and a design and manufacturing site located at its headquarters in Lappeenranta.