Behind the scenes of a client rebrand
Behind the scenes of a client rebrand

Behind the scenes of a client rebrand

For the last few months we have been working on a full rebrand and website redesign campaign with KPS – previously Kite Power Systems. They are the epitome of cleantech innovation: a technology which harnesses clean, cost-effective energy from the wind using kites.

The Deliverables

  • Logo
  • Brand
  • New website


A company based in Glasgow and with firm roots to the Scottish renewables sector, we were struck by the Caledonian spirit of KPS, and wanted to represent that in their new brand.


“We want to stand out from our competitors” – KPS

We noticed that most companies in the alternative wind energy sector were using bright, light and optimistic colours: light blue, orange, white.

We wanted KPS to stand out, but there still needed to be relevance. Inspired by the dark and dramatic landscapes of their home in Scotland, we developed a colour palette and brand which would blow away the competition.

colour palette


We wanted to deliver a contemporary, eye-catching logo for them. Something which could stand out in front of the dramatic backgrounds we were creating for the brand.


“We want our new logo to represent the technology but not too literally” – KPS

Things to note:

  1. The kite-inspired shape of the ‘K’
  2. The sharp, geometric ‘K’, showing cutting-edge confidence
  3. The network of bridles present in the KPS technology
  4. The soft gradient colour palette, representative of traditional Scottish colours
  5. The upward KPS, reaching for the sky


We wanted impact. We wanted movement. We wanted to convey the feeling of wonder that this technology could inspire: simple kites producing enough energy to power large towns.


We created a dynamic homepage through which the viewer could travel and discover the KPS technology.

Take a look at their website for the full brand experience.

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