EnergyNest celebrates the unveiling of their first commercial Thermal Battery module
EnergyNest celebrates the unveiling of their first commercial Thermal Battery module

EnergyNest celebrates the unveiling of their first commercial Thermal Battery module

EnergyNest Thermal Battery Storage

On Tuesday, 16th October, our client EnergyNest celebrated the unveiling of their first commercial Thermal Battery module. This post was written by Lucia Schweigert, a new member of our German team.

European know-how

The Thermal Battery module is the result of a cross-European effort and collaboration and several years of research. Founded in Norway by Prof Pål Bergan with the vision to bring a simple and inexpensive solution to the energy storage market, the construction of this Thermal Battery module started in Czech Republic and finished at Europoort in the Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The event was not just for EnergyNest to celebrate the occasion but also to symbolise to the board, partners, investors and future clients that the next phase of business growth is starting now.

Cleantech event management

We devised an event that would showcase the battery storage technology using the unique industrial surroundings and the port’s waterways as a backdrop, and conceived a panel discussion in addition to the mandatory speeches. The panel was hosted by Life Size Media’s CEO Alisa Murphy. The panellists were EnergyNest’s CEO Dr Christian Thiel, Ronel Dielissen-Kleinjans, Managing Director of Mebin, Dr Volker Klapperich, Product Manager Foundation Engineering at HeidelbergCement, both partners of EnergyNest, as well as Valentina Ferrara, Open Innovation, Start-ups and Partnership Global Thermal Generation at Enel, EnergyNest’s latest project partner, and Stijn Santen, Dutch energy efficiency ambassador and owner of CO2-Net BV.

Innovation in the thermal energy market

Befittingly, the panel’s theme was innovation in the thermal energy market. Energy producers and industrial consumers are currently likely to produce and waste very large quantities of heat that should be captured and used in industrial processes or fed back to the grid as electricity to increase energy efficiency, and reduce waste and carbon emissions.

With the latest IPCC report published just a week before the event and a Dutch appeals court’s landmark ruling that the Dutch government must accelerate carbon emission cuts, the urgent need for efficient energy storage is evident, from an environmental and an economic perspective. We must not just eliminate fossil fuel sources and switch to renewable energy, we must also dramatically improve energy efficiency. But thermal energy management is still often overlooked in the energy transition.

Breakthrough thermal energy storage technology

We created bespoke marketing materials for the event, including A5 flyers, A2 posters and most importantly a large A0 poster fixed to the Thermal Battery module exhibited on site. We explained EnergyNest’s breakthrough technology in visually striking and easy-to-follow terms.

EnergyNest Photo: HeidelbergCement Steffen Fuchs

EnergyNest Thermal Battery in Europoort Photo: HeidelbergCement Steffen Fuchs

EnergyNest uses concrete and steel, raw materials available around the world. Construction is easy, and clean, and operation is low maintenance. EnergyNest’s solution is not just vital for the intermittent renewable energy market but also for power plants and industrial manufacturers.

Enel and EnergyNest explore thermal energy storage opportunities

At the event EnergyNest and Enel announced a collaboration, which gives Enel the chance to evaluate EnergyNest’s Thermal Energy Battery solution in real-life conditions and identify full-scale business-applications for the technology integrated into thermal power plants. The objective of the innovative project is to demonstrate how waste heat recovery in Thermal Energy Storage can increase flexibility and sustainability of thermal power plants. This activity will allow Enel to assess technology robustness, its potential contribution to increasing efficiency and its positive environmental impact.

Optimising energy efficiency

Regulations are tightening in response to the realisation that we must act now to reach the climate goals of the Paris Agreement. EnergyNest enables its clients to optimise their energy-efficiency. They are a team of true #cleantechheroes and we’re proud to accompany the team on their journey to market domination.

Follow EnergyNest’s news on their website and connect with the EnergyNest team over on Twitter.

Marketing materials designed by Life Size Media

Marketing materials designed by Life Size Media

EnergyNest's CEO Dr Christian Thiel with Life Size Media's CEO and panel host for the day Alisa Murphy

EnergyNest’s CEO Dr Christian Thiel with Life Size Media’s CEO and panel host for the day Alisa Murphy