Enval calls on big brands to fix 5,000,000-tonne waste problem
Enval calls on big brands to fix 5,000,000-tonne waste problem

Enval calls on big brands to fix 5,000,000-tonne waste problem

Enval- Plastic Waste Problem - Open Letter

Our client Enval has been making headlines recently, in its campaign for major FMCG brands to address the world’s growing laminate waste problem.

In an open letter to some of the world’s biggest companies, Enval CEO Dr Carlos Ludlow-Palafox called for greater support for recycling schemes for the 5,000,000 tonnes of laminate pouches, tubes and sachets that are sent to landfill or incineration each year.

This followed Enval being featured in a report from The Times newspaper, that revealed the extent of plastic aluminium waste problem, created by products sold by companies such as Unilever, Kraft, Nestlé Mars, Colgate, Campbell’s, GSK and Hain- Celestial.

In the UK alone, more than 10 billion packets of baby foods, pet foods, cosmetics and drinks are sold annually, but fewer than one in 20,000 is recycled and consumers are often misled into thinking that they are. Of the remainder, two-thirds go to landfill and the rest is incinerated. This recycling rate is 50 times worse than that of disposable coffee cups.

“We believe the time for complacency is over,” Dr Ludlow-Palafox said. “FMCG brands are using laminate packaging because of its exceptional characteristics and cost and environmental benefits. Yet the fact remains that more than 10 billion pouches, tubes and sachets end up being thrown away in the UK alone.

“This is inexcusable now that we have an environmentally sustainable and economically viable solution. These same companies boast about their environmental credentials: it is time for some action.”

Enval has developed the world’s only commercial-scale plant for recycling laminate waste, which uses a microwave heating method to recover the aluminium into reusable ingots and process the plastic into reclaimed oil.

Plastic waste recycling has been a hot topic in the news lately, from the UK’s 25-year Environment Plan to the first EU-wide strategy to tackle plastic waste.