The ‘Why Lady’ at Inven Capital: The Soul of a Winner 2018
The ‘Why Lady’ at Inven Capital: The Soul of a Winner 2018

The ‘Why Lady’ at Inven Capital: The Soul of a Winner 2018

In November we were lucky enough to be invited to attend an event hosted by our friends at Inven Capital, ‘The Soul of a Winner 2018 – the Dreamer’, in Prague. The evening was a celebration of success for Inven, success for their clients and a chance to share the ever-growing success stories of the cleantech industry. Our CEO, Alisa Murphy, was asked to take part in the evening and speak about the importance of ‘Why’ when it comes to communications.

With acrobats, a live trumpet and even a chocolate river, it was a truly magical evening – one of the best ‘cleantech’ has ever seen!  It was also an excuse for the whole team at Life Size to get together and craft some big picture thinking for our own future strategy.


Here are some highlights from the event and you can read some excerpts from Alisa’s speech below:

Obsessed with ‘why’

“It’s seems that I’m developing a bit of a reputation. People keep coming up to me and saying, hey I know you, you’re that woman that’s obsessed with the word why.

This little word, so small it’s barely more than a syllable is one of the most powerful we have.

And let me tell you why I care so much about this tiny little word. Because it is so much more than that. Why is the story, the meaning, the dream.”

What a good ‘why’ can do

“A good why can define the course of a life, a good why can change the course of history.

When the time is right. Dare we say it? Why can lead a revolution.

And today, in the face of climate denial, political insanity, greed and chaos. Surely what we need is nothing short of a revolution. What we need is to hold on oh so tightly to our whys.”

The Life Size ‘why’

“And that’s why I keep taking the stage to talk about why. Because in the pit on my stomach, I believe that a good story can change the world. That’s why I’m here, that’s why Life Size was born, that’s what drives my incredible team who are here with me today.”

And why works. In the cold, hard, customers and cash in the bank sense. It works. In the last few years Life Size has seen phenomenal success in the cleantech companies we work with. So much so that some of the startups we helped to grow are now part of global corporations. And all those success stories have two things in common because they are the two things we insist on when working with a company. First, they’re a game changing technology. Second, they are driven by a powerful why.”

Never forget your ‘why’

“Many business leaders make the mistake of believing that why is a luxury they can’t afford. It’s easy to think, I don’t have the time or money to invest in that. I’m too busy focusing on improving my balance of plant, or pitching to investors, or building my production facility. It’s easy to think “you know what, why lady” I have a million things to do and telling a good story just isn’t one of them. Ok… But I don’t believe that you can succeed without it.”

Team Life Size at Inven’s event in Prague

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Alisa has spoken about the importance of ‘Why’ at other events including Ecosummit in both London and Berlin. Check out Alisa’s keynote speech at this year’s Ecosummit London to see her live in action on stage, speaking on the topic of ‘how to transform your business in 5 minutes’.