Three Life Size Media clients make the Global Cleantech 100
Three Life Size Media clients make the Global Cleantech 100

Three Life Size Media clients make the Global Cleantech 100

Global Cleantech 100 2019

Life Size Media is proud to support 3 companies listed on the 2019 Global Cleantech 100 list. Sunfire and Kiwigrid were among 10 German companies to be chosen while Black Bear Carbon were the only Dutch company to be recognised. The Cleantech 100 list is chosen from nominations from 13,900 companies across 93 countries and represents “the innovators who will not give up on our world without a fight”.

Why is the German cleantech market so strong?

We spoke to our friends at venture capital fund Inven Capital, who are invested in Tado, Sonnen and Sunfire to get their view on why Germany is such a strong market for cleantech companies. CEO Petr Mikovec commented:

“Germany has a large and strong economy, with a rich history of supporting innovation in technology. This is reflected in the large demand we see from the German population in being willing and able to invest in the technologies that are supporting sustainability. There is also political agreement about the need for change.”

Our PR Manager for Germany, Martin Jendrischik, added:

“Friday’s historic decision by the Coal Commission in Germany to switch off all of Germany’s coal plants by 2038 gave new momentum to the fight for climate protection.  It makes the success of local cleantech companies all the more important. After all, it’s the impressive innovations of such companies that have led the energy transition up until now and made successes such as 40% of electricity coming from renewable resources possible. However, the next 40% will require even more effort. With that in mind, it’s good to know that with 10 of its companies making the ranks of the Global Cleantech 100 in 2019, Germany continues to be a cleantech trailblazer in Europe. This is thanks to clever engineers, business wo/men and investors coming together with the facilities and staff of Germany’s technical universities. The world looks upon Germany as an energy transition testing ground.”

Our German readers may also be interested in this article in Handelsblatt, which Martin contributed to.

Black Bear Carbon represent the Dutch cleantech industry

Our clients Black Bear were one of only two companies listed in the recycling and waste category and were the only company on the list from the Netherlands. CEO Martijn Lopes Cardozo commented:

“Being the only Dutch-based cleantech company on the list fills us with pride. It spurs us on to prove to the world that we can tackle the global waste tire problem and, together with the industry, solve it. As the recent Circularity Gap Report by Circle Economy stated, we are still only 9% circular, and the trend is not improving. Initiatives like these are very rewarding for companies like Black Bear and they are a necessary stimulation for achieving our wishes of a climate-neutral economy by 2050.”


Introducing Sunfire, Kiwigrid and Black Bear

Here’s a little more about each of our clients on the Global Cleantech 100 list…


Life Size began working with Kiwigrid at the beginning of this year and we’re looking forward to unveiling our first work together next week at E-World in Essen. Kiwigrid is aiming to become Europe’s number one industry platform for digital energy and e-mobility. Kiwigrid brings together companies from multiple industries in an open ecosystem, inspiring partners to delve into a new way of generating, distributing and supplying energy. As well as creating high value for customers, the company’s model also makes it possible to decarbonise and to create a diversified and clean energy market.


KiwiOS Kiwigrid technology


Sunfire’s vision is to make regenerative energy from sources such as wind farms, hydropower plants and photovoltaic systems available wherever and whenever it is needed using solid oxide fuel cells and high-temperature electrolysis.

The team recently put the first high-temperature co-electrolysis into operation enabling a highly efficient production of clean synthesis gas for Power-to-X projects. Known as e-Gas, e-Fuel or e-Chemicals, these substitutes for mineral oil and natural gas replace fossil fuels in existing infrastructures. E-Fuels are particularly relevant in areas that can’t be electrified such as aviation and shipping and will play a fundamental role in the energy transition.

Sunfire Power-to-X technology

Black Bear

Are you worried about tires? With climate change and ocean plastic keeping us up at night, probably not. But every year, more than 1.5 billion polluting end-of-life tires enter the global waste stream, with no sustainable solution for their re-use. Until now. Black Bear plant upcycles used tires to create high-quality Carbon Black, a valuable material which they sell to major clients worldwide for use in tires, technical rubber, coatings, plastics and inks. This replaces virgin Carbon Black traditionally produced by burning oil – preventing CO2 emissions and solving the global waste tire problem.
Black Bear CEO Martijn Lopes Cardozo