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Five benefits of working with a specialist communications agency

When the time comes to engage the services of a communications agency, there are a couple of potential roads for cleantech companies to go down. They can look to partner with a specialist agency that focuses its expertise on one area. Alternatively, they can become a client of a larger organisation that is spread more widely.

There are advantages to both approaches. As Europe’s leading dedicated cleantech communications agency, we believe in the power of being specialists in our field. That’s why we identified five benefits of working with an expert agency such as ourselves and explained how these plus points positively contribute towards a successful communications strategy.

Increased sector knowledge

Specialist communications agencies often operate with smaller teams than bigger ones, which tend to have larger networks. At specialist agencies, all team members must be very knowledgeable about the sector the agency is embedded in and contribute through their specialist communications skills.

This increased sector expertise is beneficial when choosing an agency to handle your communications. Initially, it will save time waiting for people to get up to speed with your sector and technology – the latter being especially pertinent for cleantech companies that often rely on sophisticated software or complex hardware – so communications activities can start immediately. Over the long-term, you will have the confidence that the agency representing you externally and having conversations with journalists on your behalf fully understands who you are, what you do and the market you are part of.

A more personal, human approach

As well as offering increased sector knowledge, the smaller teams of specialist agencies will often have a passionate interest in the sector they’re working in. In areas such as cleantech, this interest is usually matched by the businesses themselves, offering an immediate human connection.

To run a successful communications campaign for a business, you need a strong relationship with them based on trust and respect. Here at Life Size, we use our shared interest for overcoming the climate emergency and a community-style approach to nurture successful, personal relationships with the people and companies we’re involved with. We want to guide cleantech companies to success, not simply act as a delivery agency. That’s why we make a point of learning about and regularly checking in on our client contacts’ personal and professional situations. This allows us to be more empathetic, show that we care on a human level and occasionally surprise and delight.

Speed of response

Companies that engage communication agencies are typically on an upward curve, with projects to publicise, products to launch and partnerships to promote. This means that the agency they choose to work with will need to be agile and flexible, ready to respond to requests for press releases, marketing materials and other content quickly and effectively.

Communication agencies with more extensive networks typically have bigger pools of clients and operate on a hours per month basis. Specialist agencies tend to be more streamlined and adaptable, taking on a smaller portfolio of clients and working to an agreed set of deliverables rather than an agreed number of hours.

Fingers on the pulse

To offer our clients and partners the best value, we frequently review our processes and debrief our projects and campaigns, identifying areas for improvement where necessary. We also ensure that we adapt to changing technologies, environments and tactics related to communications to stay current and creative, rather than stale and sterile.

Regularly making changes to ways of working are quicker to implement at smaller agencies as opposed to bigger ones, which tend to have much more bureaucracy. Most large agencies have multiple layers of management, which means they have highly specific and well-established ways of doing things.

Exposure to all team members

Businesses that engage the services of a more general communications agency will find the team they work with is linear in structure. Usually, this team will consist of an Account Executive and Account Manager overseeing day-to-day activities, with an Account Director available occasionally for more strategic work. This team will remain in place no matter what communications activities the client requires, even if priorities shift as the campaign develops over time.

While specialist agencies will also put in place a team structure initially, this is typically a lot more fluid depending on what services are needed at any one time. At Life Size, our team regularly meets internally to discuss each of our client campaigns and projects, while we also make it clear to our clients that each of our team is available to guide them depending on the areas they need help with. We find that this integrated way of working offers the best solution as it draws on the expertise of our entire team, ultimately benefitting our clients and helping them achieve their commercial goals.

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