• Jan’s journey to CEO of Life Size

  • Team members standing and laughing around a table

    The true nature of change

  • Life Size team standing in a circle in a snowy forest

    Our journey to employee ownership: accelerating our commitment to cleantech

  • Life Size becomes the first UK employee-owned business in the cleantech space

    Life Size announces its intention to become the first employee-owned cleantech business

  • Successfully securing press attention: the journalist perspective

  • mainstream media coverage

    Why mainstream media coverage means more than simply seeing your name in lights (or in this case, print)

  • pr-on-a-budget

    How to maximise your PR activity on a budget

  • Introduction_Cleantech_PR

    An introduction to cleantech PR

  • Six women breaking the bias in the cleantech industry in 2022

  • content 2021

    Life Size’s favourite content pieces of 2021

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