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Our in-depth workshops will give you an effective strategy to establish your brand and build your audience. We deliver these one-on-one as well as in group settings for cleantech events, accelerators, incubators and other organisations. Our workshops are an ideal starting point whether you are considering a campaign or looking to improve your own communications activities.

Workshop #1: Establishing your brand

The purpose of this workshop is to identify the foundations for your unique brand and generate guidelines that you can use as you build your identity. We will cover:

  1. Understanding your business
  2. Defining the personality of your brand
  3. Identifying your key messages and how to use them
  4. Mapping how and where people experience your brand
  5. Taking this work forward.

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Workshop #2: Building your audience

The purpose of this workshop is to identify how communications can contribute to your business objectives and to build an effective communications strategy for your audience. We will cover:

  1. Understanding your objectives and audience
  2. Identity and design
  3. Social media and online presence
  4. Marketing and collateral
  5. Public relations and content
  6. Your communications strategy.

Client testimonials

  • “We’ve had a great day today doing a session on establishing the brand. Good way of integrating the team and talking about all of our experiences, what we believe the brand should be and what we believe the customer currently see. I think we’ve all come out with a much clearer idea of what our brand is and what we are striving towards and now we can get started on how we get there.”

    Gemma Courtenay, eConnect Cars
    Gemma Courtenay, eConnect Cars

How they work

Our branding and communications workshops are designed so that you come away with clear guidelines and strategy that you can put into practice. There will still be plenty of work to be done by your team, but you will have the tools to do that effectively. The sessions will be very hands on and action-based and I’d recommend including your key team members. At the end of each workshop you will have a tailored presentation to take away with you that covers all of the material we present and the findings for your company. You can then use this presentation directly as a guide for your team and your future communications work. Each workshop takes place over five hours (with a lunch break in the middle). For each subject area we will:

  • Present the theory
  • Run a hand-on exercise
  • Document the results.

Cost and booking

Workshops costs £1,500 + VAT. Upfront payment is required to secure your booking. Ready to book? Want more details? Just fill out a few contact details below and we’ll be in touch to get started.