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We are proud to work with fast-growing cleantech companies across Europe. Our clients are at the forefront of a diverse range of technology areas including renewable energy, energy storage, electric vehicles, biotechnology, recycling technology, energy efficiency, carbon capture, sustainable materials and agritech.

Biome Bioplastics

Biome is one of the UK’s leading developers of intelligent, natural plastics. The company’s mission is to challenge the dominance of oil-based polymers and ultimately replace them completley. Biome’s high-performance product range includes compostable materials for coffee pods, cups and lids. The company also leads a major sustainable chemicals development programme.

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Danfoss Mobile Electrification

Danfoss Mobile Electrification, formerly Visedo, is on a mission to end pollution through electrification. They specialise in hybrid and electric powertrain systems for off-highway and marine markets. A business division of Danfoss, it develops and manufactures high-performance power systems for heavy-duty vehicles, machines and marine vessels, based on its unique synchronous reluctance assisted permanent magnet (SPRM) technology.

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The race to electrify global transport is driving unprecedented demand for electric commercial vehicle, bus, train and marine power systems. Only the best prepared can respond at scale to market needs. Akasol is Europe’s only manufacturer market ready to deliver safe, reliable and compliant battery systems at scale.

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Climeworks is capturing CO2 directly from the air with the world’s first commercial carbon removal technology. The Swiss company has built the world’s first commercial direct air capture plant, removing 900 tonnes of CO2 from ambient air per year. These plants capture atmospheric carbon with a filter, using mainly low-grade heat as an energy source.

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Cloud&Heat delivers fully-integrated solutions for datacenter and compute infrastructure. They provide the software power and cloud infrastructure that will enable business to handle the transition to a digital future.

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Highview Power

Highview Power has developed a true long-duration energy storage technology using liquid air. With growing demand, changing consumption, increasing intermittency: the energy market is under pressure – the world needs an affordable, scalable solution that can store energy for many hours – even days. Highview Power has the missing piece of the puzzle to help balance the grid.

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Our client EnergyNest is an energy storage company. Using their thermal battery technology, they store heat and release it when required towards a number of different applications. Industrial manufacturers can use the stored energy to run their plants; variable and intermittent renewables can use an EnergyNest plant to store the energy they generate; the heat stored in an EnergyNest plant can be used for district heating.

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Upside Energy

The current energy system is under stress. Upside has created a cloud-based demand-side response platform that can reduce this stress and avoid using dirty energy sources, by shifting energy assets and smoothing out demand fluctuations on the grid. This improves the grid’s efficiency and enables a wider use of renewables, as well as generating revenue for their customers.

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Headquarted in Berlin, ubitricity delivers smart solutions for on-street electric vehicle charging. With a single cable and socket combination, the company has developed an economically-viable and future-facing solution for charging infrastructure. ubitricity’s technology can be fitted across cities at a fraction of the price of traditional public charge points and allows for endless smart data solutions.

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KPS uses kite-powered technology to harness clean, cost-effective wind energy at utility scale. Their efficient twin-kite system can reliably access wind energy that conventional methods cannot: in deep water, at higher altitudes and in remote locations.

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nextProtein is a Parisian agritech startup that produces animal feedstock from the larvae of Black Soldier Fly. The concept has caught the attention of Silicon Valley investors and the company is now focused on scaling-up production. nextProtein’s vision is to create a new, sustainable protein and uncouple animal feedstock from unsustainable farming practices and resource scarcity.

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A success story from Cambridge University, Enval unlocks the potential of high performance materials by creating sustainable and economically viable end‑of‑life solutions. The company’s microwave induced pyrolysis process is the only method for recycling plastic aluminium laminates. The Enval process is clean, efficient and economical for both post-consumer and industrial waste.

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