Life Size and industry leaders join forces to support cleantech businesses

Businesses around the world are facing one of the most testing times in recent history. The challenges and issues are unique for every company, but the majority have been forced to change the way they operate. Despite difficult times for all, the responses to the coronavirus pandemic have been characterised by solidarity and unprecedented levels of support.

The cleantech industry is no different. As an industry which is tackling some of the most pressing social issues of our time, collaboration comes naturally. This thinking set the idea for an industry support network in motion. As industry leaders who regularly work with a range of cleantech companies, Life Size, Hyperion Executive Search and Inven Capital have joined forced to launch Cleantech Heroes. The premise of Cleantech Heroes is a genuine belief in the power of coming together to bolster the cleantech industry, strengthening its reliance for whatever comes its way.

Supporting cleantech through collaboration

Cleantech Heroes is an initiative designed to support cleantech companies and enable them to realise their full potential during this period of uncertainty. Through an online platform and free consultations, we will offer our collective expertise to accelerate European cleantech businesses towards their commercial goals.

As a collective, we strongly believe in the value of meaningful 121 sessions, allowing for a deep dive into a company’s issues whether related to raising investment, brand and communications, or hiring. Businesses and start-ups can book an individual 30-minute consultation call, during which we will go through the most pressing challenges and provide tips and guidance for how to overcome these.

As our CEO Alisa Murphy puts it: “Now more than ever, daring entrepreneurs and forward-thinking businesses need to shine a light for others and be champions of cleantech.”

About the Experts

Life Size, Europe’s cleantech communications agency, will offer consultations to help companies sharpen their value propositions. It will also provide concise analysis into the state of their brands. These insights will ensure that communications are directly aligned with a company’s commercial goals.

Hyperion Executive Search, the global cleantech executive search firm, will assess companies’ existing management teams and provide advice on how to retain and nurture key talent. This will prepare the companies for their go-to-market strategies, internationalisation and successful fundraising.

Inven Capital, the specialist cleantech venture capital fund, will assist companies in understanding the image they portray to investors. This will enable them to refine and improve their fundraising.

Find out more about the Cleantech Heroes initiative and request a consultation with one of our experts by visiting the platform.

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