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Top tips for an impactful cleantech film

You know the saying: a picture can paint a thousand words. So, imagine what a film can do to showcase your technology or attract new customers and investors. At Life Size, we’re firm believers in the power of storytelling and how it can help make cleantech the new normal. We put the story at the core of everything we do, from PR and branding to film.

Before you watch our new films, our Head of Film Emma Murphy offered some insights she’s gathered when filming during a pandemic.

The importance of stock footage

For those of you familiar with our film portfolio, you’ll know one of our specialities is using footage of beautiful scenery filmed by drones – such as what we did for Climeworks and Highview Power. However, producing a cleantech film during COVID-19 has proven challenging as it has often been impossible to film on-site.

Using stock footage is the easiest way to overcome this issue. With the right budget, you’ll find beautiful images that enhance and illustrate your story and narrative, while helping you engage with a broader and more mainstream audience.

Voice-over vs interview

Good imagery is just one aspect of a successful cleantech film. For it to be truly impactful, you need to have a powerful script to accompany it. There are different ways of narrating your film:

  • Conducting face-to-face interviews with key people from your company or thought leaders from your industry
  • Using a voice-over narrated by a key person from your company
  • Engaging the services of a professional actor to provide the voice-over

No option is better than the others – it’s up to you to choose which one applies best to the kind of message you’re aiming to convey through your film. In the films you’ll see below, different narrative options have been used, each with its own specific goal.

Our latest films

For the Enertechnos film, Emma first interviewed the company’s CEO before adding it in as a voice-over. The film itself is a mix of interview footage, clips of Enertechnos’ technology in action and stock images. In this case, using an interview narrative allowed the company to illustrate the why of their technology compellingly. Having its CEO narrating the film added an extra layer of personalisation and instantly built a closer bond with the audience.

A voice-over was also used as the narration for CCm Technologies’ latest film, though this time a professional actor read a script. The film uses clips showcasing the client’s technology and operations mixed with stock footage. The script itself is based on the need for building a strong and resilient circular economy and is backed up with impactful statistics.

Finally, the two latest films made for Biome Technologies are a more simple, face-to-face interview with its CEO Paul Mines mixed with stock footage. For this project, both films were targeted at current and potential investors, a different tactic to the company’s previous films which were aimed at a more generic audience. In a simple but impactful speech, Paul introduces the various businesses that form Biome Technologies and gives a solid overview of the potential of Biome Bioplastics’ technology. Reproducing the company’s branding through the use of lights and using different cameras that focus solely on Paul created a much more personal yet professional atmosphere that has already caught the attention of investors.

If you want to impress investors with your cleantech business or find an innovative way of telling your story, then get in touch with our film team.

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