Cleantech Gen Z

How to get Generation Z excited about cleantech

Generation Z (Gen Z), which refers to all those born after 1995, is the largest group of consumers worldwide. Every business should be interested in them, though cleantech companies need to take an even closer look. Gen Z loves technology and is more conscious of the environment than any previous generation. Therefore, shouldn’t people that are concerned about the future of our planet and are obsessed with tech love cleantech? They will if you know how to communicate with them.

Facts about Gen Z

Before getting into detail about what your company can do to reach this Gen Z, you should first know who you are communicating to.

Digital natives

Gen Z was born into an already digital world that was becoming more globally-connected each day. They grew up with high-speed internet and electronic devices, making them familiar with mobile from an early age. They are also a multi-platform generation and are used to receiving information on multiple channels across multiple devices, more so than any previous generation. Being so tech-savvy means that Gen Z demands the highest quality digital experience and expect any business to be online.

Short attention span

Millennials are said to lose interest quickly, but the attention span of Gen Z might be even shorter. Born into a hectic world full of stimuli, Gen Z is accustomed to filtering information – anything that does not immediately stand out is unlikely to catch their attention. As they are used to absorbing as much information as possible in a short amount of time, the content they consume has to be clear and straight to the point.

Environmental and social awareness

On average, Gen Z is quite wealthy compared to previous generations, and their desires go beyond meeting their basic needs. People of Gen Z are optimistic and very driven by their ambitions. They aim for self-actualisation and are determined to achieve their full potential. In this context, a fulfilling job and pleasant working climate are of high priority to them.

They also strive for social optimisation. More so than their predecessors, they are focused on social movements, such as equality. Gen Z demands diversity and non-discrimination not only in society but in all forms of communications. They also passionate about the environment. The Fridays for Future demonstrations are just one impressive example of the commitment Gen Z is showing.

How to reach Gen Z

Once you understand what Gen Z is looking for, it’s time to adjust your communications accordingly. Here are four main actions that every cleantech company should implement.

Make it digital, make it mobile and make it an experience

The days of printed advertising are over. Show that you are a modern and environmentally-conscious company by providing links instead of flyers. Always keep your website up to date – this is where Gen Z will find you. Smartphones are used more than laptops, so make sure that all your content is optimised for mobile devices. Plus, try to make the content you produce more than just text. Think of how you can transform your website into a web experience – keeping it clear and straightforward, yet exciting and diverse at the same time.

Communicate frequently and visually

Gen Z uses social media almost constantly, therefore it is crucial that you share social media content regularly. If you stop, you will appear to be inactive, so always think of interesting and engaging content to share. Set up editorial plans for social media and stick to them.

It doesn’t always have to be new content, however. Good material can be adapted and reused several times. Make sure to make your content easy to understand and try to engage with your audience. Gen Z is a visual generation, one that prefers Instagram and Snapchat over Facebook and Twitter. You can use GIFs to make your communications more visual. Not only are GIFs fun and relatable, but as they only last a few seconds they are perfect for the short attention span of Gen Z.

Talk to them personally

Gen Z knows the internet better than any other generation. Do not try to fool them: they demand authentic and personal relationships. Gen Z relates to genuine voices, especially those they are already familiar with, such as real-life friends or influencers they identify with.

As a cleantech company, you should try to communicate with them on a personal level. One way to achieve this could be to engage members of Gen Z to feature your company on their social media channels. Convince them that your company is doing something great and explain how you are helping to make the world a better place. They might want to talk to their followers about it. The most important thing here is authenticity. You should look for influencers who represent your values and are interested in cooperation the same way you are.

Give them something to identify with

Cleantech companies are in the best position to engage with Gen Z because their mission and purpose are at the core of their businesses. Make sure to transmit your beliefs and values. Gen Z has been involved in social activism since a young age, and they will consider a company’s value more than any generation before them. Find easy words to make Gen Z understand your technology and clearly articulate how it can help the environment. If you get them to understand you and support your vision, they will be more inclined to share it. Be prepared to equip them with the right facts and messages and let them promote your company for you. For example, you could provide them with material for convincing Instagram Stories or informative YouTube videos.

In summary

Gen Z is dominating and reforming the economic landscape globally. As a cleantech company, you are in the best position to reach them, because purpose is what matters to them the most. Try to build on this and adjust your communications by making sure they are digital, mobile, authentic and personal.

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