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Biome Bioplastics saw stellar results in Q4 2020

There have been lots of exciting developments for our longest-standing client, Biome Bioplastics, in the past months. Here’s a rundown of what’s been happening:

Successful fundraising

Biome Technologies successfully raised £1.1 million to accelerate Biome Bioplastics’ growth and development. The additional funds will enable the group to capture and support the momentum of the Bioplastics division. Read the full announcement here.

Significant US order placed for compostable coffee pods

Biome Bioplastics has received an order worth US$550,000 from an existing major client operating in the United States packaging market. This order, which provides support for the division’s financial expectations for this year, is the largest single order to date for Biome’s heat-stable and compostable bioplastic for coffee pod applications, which was first commercialised in 2019. Deliveries under this order are due to be completed in the next two months. Read the full story here.

Grant to scale-up compostable bioplastic materials

Biome Bioplastics has been awarded funding of £273,000 from the UK Government’s Innovate UK to support a new £350,000 collaborative project to scale-up its novel compostable bioplastic materials with the University of Nottingham’s Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering. This is an exciting milestone in Biome’s research into novel polymers and their applications as biodegradable plastics.  Read the full story here.

Website revamp

Fundraising is always a good time to review your company website. Life Size made some updates to the Biome Technologies’ website this month, Biome Bioplastics’ parent company, refreshing the visuals and ensuring the content was up-to-date and succinct. Check out the website here

Biome on film

Life Size Film had the pleasure of developing new film content with Biome’s CEO Paul Mines. COVID-19 restrictions meant production was somewhat challenging, but Emma (Life Size’s Head of Film) and her team did a great job of utilising stock footage to put together a compelling overview of Biome Bioplastics’ recent successes. You can watch the video, here.

Testing a new generation of tree shelters

Biome is currently developing and testing a new generation of biodegradable tree shelters made from the company’s bioplastics. Tree shelters are used to protect young trees and bushes from predation by animals. Traditionally made from oil-based and non-biodegradable plastics, it is believed that the majority of such shelters are never collected at the end of their life and litter the landscape with large and small plastic pieces. This is an exciting story – read some media coverage here.

Life Size Media support Biome with PR and content marketing, film production, investment support and website maintenance. If you’re interested in finding out more about how Life Size can help you achieve your commercial goals, please contact us for a free consultation.

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