Chop-Cloc to go on show

Our client The Chopping Company will be exhibiting at this year’s Ideal Home Show from 14–30 March at Earl’s Court and we thought that their story deserved a bit of infographic treatment. Members of the team will be introducing homeowners to the Chop-Cloc, a simple retrofit device that saves up to 30% on home heating bills.

The Chopping Company will be exhibiting as part of their partner’s Rexel Energy Solutions’ Chop, Change, Charge, Choose display, which will feature the Chop-Cloc alongside LED lighting, electric vehicle charging, and energy efficiency financing.

CEO Mark Kerray commented: “The Ideal Home Show has been a champion of home innovation for over 100 years, it has launched countless household products such as the toaster and electric kettle (1920), the microwave (1947) and the electric grass mower (1970). This year we look forward to introducing homeowners to a real revolution in energy efficiency, the Chop-Cloc”.

On the theme of infographics, we recently created a mini-gallery of our own to celebrate the opening of a new exhibition at the British Library.

Life Size Media recently launched a new website for The Chopping Company, take a look.

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