Climate Check: An analysis of the Government’s delivery of its low carbon commitments

May 2010 witnessed some of the most politically charged days of recent times. As the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties thrashed out their policy positions, several issues stood out. And as the common policy platform emerged, a significant commitment to the UK’s transition to a low-carbon economy was high up the agenda. Nearly eighteen months on, how is the Coalition Government faring in its bid to be the ‘greenest government ever’?

The UK’s leading environment and development organisations – Christian Aid, Greenpeace, Green Alliance, RSPB and WWF – have undertaken an analysis to find out.

Published today, the report – Climate Check – is an assessment of the Coalition’s progress against the low-carbon commitments set out in its programme for government. The report assesses both the quality of the policies and the timeliness of their delivery. It makes recommendations for improvement and offers three high level recommendations to tackle the major barriers to better performance.

Climate Check concludes that the Government has committed to the low-carbon agenda and made some good decisions in challenging economic times. However, the absence of a strong low-carbon transition strategy and narrative from senior ministers is hampering delivery of key commitments. The report’s authors argue that the level of cross-government ambition must be raised if the Coalition is to deliver on its low-carbon policy pledges.

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