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Eight essential cleantech publications you should read

We recently shared ten of our favourite cleantech Twitter accounts to follow for quickly staying up to date with the cleantech news. This time, we’re sharing our top eight publications that we read every day to keep informed with the latest cleantech news.

Whether you spend five minutes over your morning coffee reading a short news article or have enough time to read an in-depth analytical piece, we’re sure you’ll find the right fit in this list!

BusinessGreen – The UK’s leading website for green business news and analysis

Our go-to online media for staying updated with everything related to the UK environmental news and achieving a net-zero economy. From daily news to in-depth research papers and interviews of companies changing the cleantech landscape, BusinessGreen will give you a 360 overview of the state of the industry.

BusinessGreen also organises live and online events gathering together the leading industry players, from businesses to NGOs and policymakers.

Read it for: staying up-to-date with the latest UK and European cleantech news and trends.

Bloomberg Green – The intersection of environmentally engaged and solution seekers

You could call them the new kids on the block. Bloomberg Media launched Bloomberg Green at the beginning of 2020, adding to their existing portfolio a global multiplatform news brand dedicated to covering the climate crisis. To facilitate it, they recruited la crème de la crème of environmental journalism, with names like Aaron Rutkoff, Akshat Rathi, Kate Mackenzie, Nathaniel Bullard and Emily Chasan amongst their regular team.

In addition to being an online publication, the website features a dynamic data dashboard of environmental and energy metrics, allowing readers to understand what’s happening in climate developments in real time.

Read it for: long-form and in-depth articles covering the latest environmental and cleantech news, with a focus on Europe and the United States.

edie – Empowering sustainable business

With over two decades of activity, edie is one of the veterans of climate news. The media platform delivers daily news, commentary pieces and interviews covering the latest environmental and cleantech news, with a focus on the UK and Europe.

In addition to environmental news, edie is well-known for its high-quality industry reports and sustainability and energy events.

Read it for: quick and easy-to-read news pieces, plus staying updated with the biggest corporations’ latest CSR advancements.

Carbon Brief – Clear on climate

You don’t read Carbon Brief for a quick overview of the current cleantech news. Instead, it’s the kind of publication where you clear out a good hour off your schedule, pour yourself a big cup of tea and make sure you won’t be disturbed while you read their articles.

Carbon Brief publishes long, in-depth articles running the gamut from the latest developments in climate science to energy policy. Expect to see every angle covered, with a strong focus on data and analytics.

Read it for: in-depth articles on the most important environmental and cleantech topics.

Clean Energy Wire – Journalism for the energy transition

Clean Energy Wire (CLEW) is an English online media focusing on the energy transition primarily, but not only, in Germany.

In addition to daily news articles, Clean Energy Wire publishes in-depth dossiers and factsheets on the main topic of the energy transition, plus organises online events to facilitate the reporting of the energy transition between journalists.

Read it for: a more European-focused look at the energy transition.

The Beam – United People of Climate Action

Probably the most activist publication on this list, The Beam ‘unites Changemakers and Innovators in the Global Climate Action Movement, amplifying their voices to create a sustainable future’.

A tri-annual print and digital publication, The Beam brings together global experts from the climate action scene to provide interviews, comment pieces and news articles. Their topics of predilection are sustainable cities, urban mobility, the circular economy, energy access, climate action, women’s empowerment, environmental migration and climate science.

Read it for: long in-depth articles from industry expert voices.

CleanTechnica – The #1 site in the US for cleantech news and commentary

CleanTechnica covers everything you need to know about the state of cleantech in the United States. The website focuses on electric cars, renewable energy sources and storage, providing news articles and interviews.

Read it for: an overview of the latest cleantech news in the United States.

Sifted – Digging deep into European start-ups and tech

Sifted does not technically focus on cleantech, but the team dedicates regular articles to sectors that fit into this realm, such as agritech, biotech, energy and the environment in general.

The media provides in-depth coverage and report on European tech start-ups, with articles ranging from the current state of a sectors to new trends and advice for start-up founders.

Read it for: getting a detailed overview of your sector across Europe and receiving expert advice.

If you’re trying to get featured in one of these publications, we help cleantech companies maximise their PR activities. Get in touch, we’d love to help!

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