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Farah here – a Working Student at Life Size – bringing you this month’s newsletter. 

I’ve recently had the opportunity to dive into a topic that combines two of my biggest interests – environmental communications and memes. As part of the research for my thesis, I have been observing how environmental organisations are making use of memes and incorporating them into their communications strategy.
Today, I’m here to share some of my insights with you. 

To be honest, this method of using memes fascinated me. In this digital age, memes have become popular communication tools, yet they are usually used informally. For me, this was the reason why I never thought about the possibility of combining memes with environmental or climate tech communications. As memes typically have a humorous and rather un-serious nature, combining them with a very serious topic like climate change seemed illogical to me. 

In the fields of environmental and climate tech communications, creating impact and driving action are two of the main appeals and objectives. So, naturally, I wondered if memes were up for the task. However, memes have shown to be useful instruments that combine creativity with impact – while maybe resulting in a laugh or two. 

Meme magic: pros and cons of a viral approach

One of the main benefits of memes is simply the instant engagement. Memes have an unparalleled ability to capture attention swiftly. In a world flooded with information, memes provide a quick and engaging way to communicate complex climate tech concepts, making them accessible to a broader audience. 

Memes also come with the potential of going viral. They are easily shareable, and when they strike the right chord, they can go viral. Leveraging this viral potential can exponentially increase the reach of climate tech messages, turning them into a digital movement.

Additionally, memes have a strong connection to the younger generations. The majority of social media users are young adults and memes are a language they speak fluently. Utilising memes in climate tech communications could lead to messages resonating with the demographic that holds the future of sustainability in its hands.

Finally, memes thrive on simplicity and creativity. Climate tech concepts can sometimes be complex, but memes break them down into visually compelling and easily digestible content. This creative approach can make certain communications memorable.

Now onto the cons

Dealing with complex topics like climate change means that there is a risk of trivialisation when using memes. Environmental issues are serious, and there is a fine line between using humour to engage and inadvertently trivialising important topics. Memes run the risk of oversimplifying or making light of complex climate tech challenges. 

I’ve mentioned earlier that memes are a great means of capturing attention, however, they are also associated with short attention spans. Memes thrive on brevity, which might not be suitable for conveying in-depth cleantech information. There is a risk that crucial details get lost in the pursuit of creating concise and shareable content.

Lastly, using memes for cleantech communications means running the risk of receiving backlash. Climate tech issues are sensitive, and the use of memes might not resonate well with everyone. There’s a possibility of facing backlash if the humour or tone of a meme is perceived as insensitive or inappropriate.

Changing the landscape

Who would have thought that memes would make their way into the world of environmental and climate tech communications? Honestly, not me. However, these observations made me realise that in the world of communications, there are always new and creative methods and approaches to reaching our goals – some of which may even seem slightly far-fetched. 

The purpose of this newsletter was not to prompt you to start using memes in your communications strategy but to simply open your eyes to the possibilities. Working in the field of climate tech communications means having the freedom to be creative while creating an impact. Great deal, right? So, maybe it’s time to freshen our perspective and broaden our horizons to potential new communication tools and methods. 

When it comes to fresh perspectives and creative approaches that have a lasting impact, Life Size is always eager to share its insights and help climate tech companies drive their businesses forward. Our team greatly values hosting regular free workshops with various climate tech startups and sharing our expertise with them. Our latest workshop “How to boost your online presence with an effective website” taking place today, will help three startups revamp their websites to improve their company image. 

Stay tuned for more insights and updates about upcoming workshops! (Tip: Follow us on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date)

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