Whitepaper: A guide to growing your cleantech company

The three pillars of success: A guide to growing your cleantech company

What makes cleantech companies succeed? And why do they fail? 

Our 2020 whitepaper draws on our work with cleantech start-ups from across Europe, plus the expertise of our Cleantech Heroes initiative partners Hyperion Executive Search and Inven Capital, to find out what’s key to building a successful cleantech company. Split into three sections covering communications, investment and hiring, our comprehensive guide includes actionable tips to give you a solid foundation for growth.

Download the whitepaper to learn:

  • How to leverage your communications to achieve commercial success
  • The secret to attracting investors and achieving your fundraising goals
  • The best ways to attract and retain key talent and build a resilient team
  • Insights from cleantech founders and lessons they’ve learnt along the way
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