Case Study

Content is still king: making technological complexity compelling

Content is still king: making technological complexity compelling

We believe in the power of storytelling to help companies amplify their impact. By combining creative flair with our understanding of the cleantech industry, we produce compelling content marketing campaigns.

The client

Kiwigrid, based in Dresden, Germany, helps businesses succeed in the new energy and e-mobility worlds. It has developed a powerful platform and software solutions that help utilities, solar and storage manufacturers and automotive and telecommunication companies tap into the full potential of distributed energy resources and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Kiwigrid’s solutions optimise the use of solar energy, pave the way for e-mobility and value-added services for smart meters, plus increase the energy efficiency of buildings and production facilities.

The challenge

Kiwigrid’s content needs to appeal to customers in its primary markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH), as well as other target regions across Europe. It not only needs to explain its complex technology to its future customers, but it must also convey the benefits of its products and use cases compellingly and with urgency. Kiwigrid faced the challenge of producing mature content that articulated its market-leading technology and application cases, while also expressing its work visually.

  • Produce compelling content to explain complex technology
  • Convey benefits and use cases
  • Appeal to DACH and other European target markets

Life Size approaches communications with long-term, commercial goals in mind, not just quick wins. Their understanding of our challenges and industry has made us feel in safe hands and they have delivered high quality, well-designed content which has positioned us as a unique and stand-out player in the industry.

Daniel Kühne, Director Strategy & Portfolio Management, Kiwigrid

The Solution

We created the editorial publication Reimagine Energy for Kiwigrid. The magazine brings together the voices of pioneers who are transforming our energy landscape. It showcases achievements, but also highlights the challenges of an increasingly digitised and distributed energy world.

Each edition focuses on a key industry challenge and illustrates how to navigate change through informative articles and in-depth interviews with partners and customers.

  • Editorial publication Reimagine Energy forms a vital part of Kiwigrid’s content marketing strategy, supporting sales activities throughout the year and at important trade fairs
  • Informative articles and in-depth interviews that illustrate how to navigate the changing energy landscape
  • Targeted, localised content
  • High-quality engaging design
  • Complex project management under tight deadlines


Attracting both German and English-speaking readers does not just require simple translations, but localisation that sensitively considers different market realities, regulations and cultures. This requires a bilingual team with a journalistic grasp for writing, near-academic rigour and the ability to conduct and lead meaningful interviews in person.    


The energy world is changing. Conceiving a visual language that evokes the energy future while supporting the written word compellingly requires an imaginative and experienced approach to design, as well as deep knowledge of the industries and technologies involved.

Project Management

The magazine brings together insight from Kiwigrid’s energy experts, the perspectives of incumbents and new entrants, as well as research and analysis of current and future regulatory and market developments. We have assembled a skilled team of interviewers, writers and designers and so far have delivered three editions of Reimagine Energy within ambitious timeframes. 

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