Life Size becomes the first UK employee-owned business in the cleantech space

Life Size announces its intention to become the first employee-owned cleantech business

  • Life Size will become the first employee-owned cleantech-focused business in the UK, with Founder and CEO Alisa Murphy transferring 100% of her shares to an employee-owned trust.
  • Once the transition is completed, Jan Christoph Bohnerth will become CEO of Life Size, with Alisa taking up a position on a newly created Board of Directors.
  • Becoming employee-owned will secure Life Size’s future and culture as it continues its legacy of guiding cleantech companies to success.

UNITED KINGDOM – Life Size, Europe’s leading cleantech communications agency, has announced its intention to become the first fully employee-owned business in the UK cleantech space. Once the process is finalised, the agency’s Founder and current CEO, Alisa Murphy, will join a newly created Board of Directors, with Jan Christoph Bohnerth, Life Size’s current Strategic Director, becoming the agency’s new CEO.

Since it was established in 2010, the agency has worked with hundreds of cleantech companies across Europe, helping clients commercialise their technologies and scale their businesses. Life Size believes that strategic communications directly contribute to long-term company growth, integrating communications activities with its clients’ sales, investment and recruitment goals. 

By forming an employee-owned trust that will hold 100% of the shares, Alisa will secure Life Size’s independence, company culture, brand and mission. Becoming employee-owned also reinforces the agency’s dedication to the cleantech sector and will further incentivise its employees to continue guiding companies to success.

Life Size’s intention to become employee-owned comes at a time when sustainable business ownership models are increasing in popularity. The most high-profile example is Yvon Chouinard, the billionaire Founder of Patagonia, who recently announced that he’d given the company away to a charitable trust and that any profit not reinvested in running the business would be donated to fighting climate change.

Commenting on the agency’s plan, Alisa Murphy said:

“Life Size has always done things differently and questioned the norm. As I looked to the company’s future, I knew this principle needed to extend to how we were owned. We’ve always been fiercely independent, so acquisition was never going to be an option. Employee ownership means that everything we’ve worked so hard to build and our dedication to cleantech are secured. The company will belong to and directly benefit those who make our mission a reality. I can’t think of a better ending to my part of the story than handing over to the incredible Life Size team.”

Jan Christoph Bohnerth added:

“Even before I joined the business, I knew that Life Size isn’t your standard communications agency. Alisa’s long-term view, excellent leadership and ambitious vision have grown the company from an idea to an international business. I want to continue this legacy while establishing great foundations of my own. Becoming the first employee-owned cleantech business is an exciting path for me and the team, strengthening our commitment to the industry. Personally, I’m extremely grateful for the trust bestowed on me by Alisa and the team. As CEO, I look forward to working with the most ambitious cleantech founders and teams to tackle the climate crisis.”

Life Size’s transition to a fully employee-owned business is expected to be completed by April 2023. The agency will confirm further details about the Board of Directors and Trustees once the transition is finalised.

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About Life Size
Life Size builds market-leading cleantech companies using strategic communications. Since 2010, the agency has been a passionate advocate of the European cleantech industry, helping businesses expand globally, raise significant investment and achieve their vision. Having worked with hundreds of cleantech companies, the Life Size team has a deep understanding of what it takes to scale a business and how communications directly contribute to long-term commercial success. A fully remote agency, Life Size currently has team members based across the UK, Germany and Sweden.

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