Life Size Media workshops with econnect cars

Why we’re launching startup workshops and how you can help

People often ask what the motivation for starting Life Size Media was. I’d love for the answer to be something like “to save the world, one technology at a time”. That’s true of course, but it came later. At the beginning, it was just a case of coming into contact with lots of promising technology companies and seeing very quickly that they needed to get much better at branding and communications.

So that’s what we’ve done over the years: turned promising cleantech companies into established market players. We love it and we’ve had great success. But our services aren’t accessible to everyone. More and more we are approached by early-stage companies who want to work with us but can’t yet afford our traditional retainer model.

I felt very strongly that we needed to develop an offering that was affordable for companies at this stage but that would also offer serious value and be transformational in their development. It took a while, but I think we’ve nailed it. Introducing…

Life size media workshops with econnect cars

Life Size Media workshops

We have created two in-depth workshops tailored specifically for the needs of startups. The first is about Establishing your brand and the second is on Building your audience. Many of you will have seen me speak about these areas at industry events and I really feel that if you can crack these two things, you can transform your business.

The workshops are very hands-on and 100% focused on practical guidance to get your comms right. At the end of the sessions, we’ll have developed an effective branding or communication strategy for your business packaged in a tailored presentation so you’re ready to put it all into action.

If you have any questions at all, the details are on our website or in this PDF. Or you can just call me (07917 548295) or email me and I’ll be only too happy to tell you all about it.

Earlier this month we held our first ever workshops with London’s electric taxi service eConnect Cars. It was fantastic helping them to articulate their vision and seeing their new communication strategy coming together. I am now on a personal mission to do this for as many people as possible.

So what do I want from you?

I am really excited about this way of working and, as I said at the start, I want your help in making this new venture a success. (If you don’t ask you don’t get right?). Here’s how:

1. Come and do a workshop – I really believe they can make a big difference to your development. Email me, call me, let’s book it in.

2. Partner with us – We’re also working with accelerators and events across Europe to offer workshops and masterclasses. Let’s talk if this would work with your programme.

3. Tell the world about it – Do you know a startup that would benefit from this? Can you introduce me? Even if it’s just a shout out on your social channels (#LSMworkshops ), I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks for listening and for being a part of this.

P.S. Just in case you were worried, we’re still delivering award-winning, integrated PR and marketing campaigns!