Scale your business with a flexible monthly membership providing you access to communications expertise

Our mission is to help cleantech companies succeed. We know that leading a start-up involves making and learning from mistakes. Leaning on the expertise of the Life Size team will help you avoid the unknown and find the answers you need to get things right, quicker.

The membership

Work with a team of communications experts who will act as your coach and partner in whatever challenges you’re facing. Through one-on-one sessions and group masterclasses, we provide in-depth, tailored and ongoing support and can adapt to your needs. We can help you with:

  1. Public relations
  2. Content marketing
  3. Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  4. Brand development
  5. Website development
  6. Sales and investment support


You’ll receive access to a number of consultation hours with the Life Size team depending on the membership package you choose. During this time, you can tap into the expertise of our team and receive in-depth guidance for sharpening sales and investment materials, drafting press releases, SEO-optimising web copy and blog articles or website auditing.

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Each month, we’ll hold an exclusive one-hour masterclass for our members. These sessions will give you the opportunity to gain deep insights into essential marketing tools for start-ups, plus allow you to ask our experts any questions on the topic covered.

  • First up: How to draft a press release.
  • Become a member

    Community events

    Connect with fellow founders and like-minded teams through our monthly community events. Each event takes a different format, but always offers you the opportunity for networking and Q+A with a guest communications expert.

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    Community events

    Deliverables you can expect from us:

    Brand and web:

    • Assistance with defining your value proposition
    • Reviewing your brand and visual identity
    • Advice for working with designers
    • SEO auditing
    • Reviewing your web copy and sharpening your messaging
    • Content marketing strategic advice

    PR, content and fundraising:

    • Providing advice on building relationships with journalists
    • Assistance with building a PR strategy and roadmap
    • Reviewing existing communications materials such as press releases and thought leadership articles
    • Shaping an attractive investment proposition
    • Reviewing sales and investment materials

    Meet your new team

    Lucia Schweigert

    I’m PR Manager at Life Size and have worked with leading European energy and e-mobility companies. I have a no-nonsense, high-energy approach to working with clients. Ask me about messaging and anything PR-related in either German or English.

    Lee Lodge

    I lead several of Life Size’s PR campaigns, using clear and defined strategies to secure impactful coverage whether with the trade, business or mainstream media. Ask me about all things PR or messaging.

    Fiona McVitie

    As Brand Manager for Life Size, I help cleantech companies grow by crafting visual identities, building compelling new websites and developing content and SEO strategies. Ask me about websites, SEO and content marketing.

    Jan Bohnerth

    I’m Strategic Director at Life Size and bring more than 10 years’ experience in the energy and start-up scene to the company. I can help you to identify powerful messages that will catch the attention of customers, investors or journalists.

    Manon Thomas

    My role at Life Size is to produce engaging and impactful stories for our clients and secure high-value coverage that will help them become thought leaders in their industry. I can help build your PR strategy and manage your media relations.

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