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Building the foundation of successful communications

Building the foundation of successful communications

We believe that a company’s messaging is fundamental for successful communications. Marrying our understanding of complex technology with our ability to write compelling and effective copy, we help companies distil their value proposition as well as key messages that can be used across all marketing and communications activities.

The client

Neuron Soundware reshapes machine diagnostics and predictive maintenance. The company’s powerful AI recognises sound patterns in real-time and provides unparalleled insight into how mechanical systems operate, so potential failures can be detected early. The Prague-based company minimises the risks associated with unplanned downtime and protects everything that matters to business: employees, critical infrastructure and reputation.

The challenge

Speaking to everyone

Neuron soundware’s solution solves problems faced by many industries, making the company’s target audience wide-ranging and varied. The team felt they needed to speak to everyone, a challenge many cleantech companies encounter. Each industry presented several application cases for the company’s technology, each with its own complexity.

Efficient communications

The team wanted all their target audiences to quickly understand why Neuron soundware’s AI would be their best choice. Before engaging with us, the company met this challenge by featuring a large number of pages on its website, each explaining in deep technical detail how Neuron soundware’s technology would work for a given industry.

Being understood – externally and internally

This method was not only hard to maintain, potential clients also struggled to comprehend the overall benefits of the technology. Meanwhile, the wider audience – including the growing employee base, investors and the press – struggled to understand the company roadmap and vision.

“I really enjoyed working with Life Size Media on our vision, mission and messaging. They delivered according to our expectations. Our marketing now presents clear and easy-to-understand messages to the market and our employees identify with the new company vision and mission much better.

Martin Kubáń, Marketing & PR Manager

The Solution

Value proposition workshop

Our relationship started with an in-person value proposition workshop bringing together the C-level, marketing and communications team and investors. This setting helps us get to know our client and extract valuable information. We find out what their customers’ challenges are and probe their technology and business model. It’s crucial that we’re not afraid to ask difficult questions. The clearer we are on our client’s situation, the more successful the messaging project will be. The workshop with Neuron soundware was extremely productive and laid the groundwork for a highly efficient messaging project.

Messaging routes

Typically, our messaging projects take between 4-6 weeks, depending on a client’s ability to provide feedback. Similarly to brand design, we start by presenting three possible messaging routes, which act as overarching concepts for all subsequent writing. This allows our clients to reflect on our understanding of their work and select which elements are most significant.

Formulating the messaging

This is followed by formulating the most important commercial, technological, operational and visionary statements the company needs its target audiences to understand. Once these are agreed, they form the foundation for all further messaging – vision and mission, tagline and one-liner, paragraph and long-form texts, plus press descriptor and boilerplate for media – which we draft, discuss and improve upon in weekly meetings or calls. Last but not least, we drew up tone of voice guidelines to inform any future additional writing.

  • In-person value proposition workshop with the C-level, marketing and communications team and investors
  • Probing the company’s challenges, technology and business model
  • Articulating commercial, technological, operational and visionary key messages
  • Formulating a vision and mission, tagline and one-liner, paragraph and long-form texts, plus press descriptor and boilerplate for media
  • Devising tone of voice guidelines

The result

Comprehensive set of messaging

Within four weeks, Neuron soundware received a comprehensive set of messaging that forms the basis of all its communications. The copy was subsequently used on Neuron soundware’s new website and informs all other communications, from press releases and sales decks to a company newsletter.

Better understanding – externally and internally

Potential customers have a better understanding of Neuron soundware’s technology and value proposition. The company’s writing has a consistent, recognisable style. Going through the messaging process also created internal alignment on the company vision. Together, we were able to produce something that every employee could get behind.

Manageable and consistent communications

Team members now find writing easier as they can draw upon the messaging and tone of voice guidelines when preparing essential company assets or writing an email, blog or social media post.

  • Clear, concise and compelling copy understood by the company’s target audiences
  • Consistent communications
  • Unified understanding and voice
  • Manageable, easy writing

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