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‘PR Analytics: How to measure the impact of your public relations by PR moment’

We couldn’t resist the call from a PR analytics event on ‘How to measure the impact of your public relations‘. It’s great to be able to deliver award-winning campaigns, but it’s even better to gain intelligence of everything that’s happening. 

Interesting questions will be discussed, such as: is measuring the impact of PR more difficult than the measurement of marketing? Or why measure in silos if consumers don’t hear communications in silos? And the AMEC will share some interesting tips on how to use their social media measurement framework.

It all sounds very interesting!

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When: 25 February 2016, at 8.55 am
Where: Instinctif, 65 Gresham Street, London, EC2V 7NQ
Info: PR moment
Hashtag: #PRanalytics

Where will we meet next?