Effective business storytelling is an
essential component to succeeding in the cleantech industry

These resources were created to share the insight that we’ve acquired over our decade supporting the cleantech industry. Look around and take advantage of these free tools to help you communicate effectively.

Resources for cleantech companies.

We know the cleantech industry well and understand the challenges that companies in this sector face. Whether you are a start-up, scale-up, SME or beyond, we are committed to helping all businesses and individuals in this sector; not just our clients.

Congratulations! You’ve invented a game-changing technology. You’ve created a company and you’ve generated your first round of investment.
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You’ve passed the first hurdles of your business journey and your company is growing – you have projects underway and commercial demand is accelerating.
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You’re on a roll. But with growth comes responsibility. Your team has doubled or tripled. Your revenue is steadily increasing – and so are your pressures.
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How to build a compelling pitch deck

How to build a compelling pitch deck

Do you have an upcoming funding round? Do you want to convey the excitement of your innovation succinctly to investors?

Our whitepaper 2022 lays out our best tips to help you build a compelling investor pitch deck, including practical exercises and insights from cleantech investors.

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How to build an authentic brand – a practical guide

How to build an authentic brand – a practical guide

What is a brand? Do I really need one? Where do I start? Our first whitepaper of 2021 lays out the steps you need to take to build an authentic cleantech brand in a practical workbook style.

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Webinar on Cleantech PR: How to secure impactful coverage

Webinar on Cleantech PR: How to secure impactful coverage

Everybody wants to see high-value, mainstream media coverage for their cleantech company. This isn’t easy to achieve, however. The key to attaining impactful coverage is knowing how to talk to journalists and building good relationships with them.

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“Life Size approaches communications with long-term, commercial goals in mind, not just quick wins. Their understanding of our challenges and industry has made us feel in safe hands and they have delivered high quality, well-designed content which has positioned us as a unique and stand-out player in the industry.”

Daniel Kühne, Director Strategy & Portfolio Management,

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