You need more customers so that your business can grow. One of your main challenges is that your competitors seem to be progressing faster than you – with more media attention, more investment and more customers.

Scale your brand

It’s time to graduate from university and communicate the grown-up vision of your company.

But also, you need to demonstrate real traction and progress. You need to show yourself to be bigger and better than your early years and to prove that your company is sophisticated, experienced and ready for market.

Activities for you

  • — Identify your target audiences

  • — Refine your messages to suit those audiences
  • — Write down a communications plan
  • — Communicate your unique perspective


Every year Life Size takes to the Ecosummit stage to offer some further insight on communications within the cleantech industry.

Grown up marketing for cleantech companies

We’ve all grown up over the last 10 years. But how do you continue to find new ways of communicating to further accelerate growth and maximise your impact?

Five minutes to transform your business

High-impact communications have the capacity to transform your business. What are you waiting for?

Ecosummit 2017 Berlin

Start with “why?”

One of the first things that children do when they learn to communicate is to ask “why?”. This should be the same for companies.

Ecosummit 2016 London

The truth about communications

There are no quick fixes and shortcuts. It will be hard work. But the good news is that when done right, communications can transform your business.


Three principles of communication

Effective communications can be the difference between success and failure. Read through our white paper to discover how to use your story to generate business results.

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Three principles of communication


How to make a (good) promotional film

A good video can bring your technology to life and explain your company story with impact. However, it’s not as simple as a cool concept and an industrial backdrop…

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How to make a (good) promotional film

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