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The six cleantech newsletters you need to subscribe to in 2021

Newsletters. We subscribe to so many of them, confident that we’ll make time to read them all. However, they inevitably end up piling up in our inbox with many remaining unopened. So, because decluttering your inbox is another way to shrink your carbon footprint, here’s our selection of the only six newsletters you need to keep on top of cleantech news in 2021.

Unearthed today

Greenpeace’s award-winning journalism platform provides both a weekly and a daily newsletter. Written by its journalists, the newsletters offer an overview of the most important climate news happening at the moment.

Each newsletter focuses on one central theme analysed by the author, with links to various related articles. It finishes with the day’s four main environmental news stories and a short description about why they matter.

It’s the perfect newsletter if you’re looking for journalistic insights mixed with activism, or if you want to learn more about a topic but do not necessarily have the time to read long articles.

You can subscribe to it here

Bloomberg Green

By now, you know that we are big fans of Bloomberg Green and its newsletter has become daily reading for our entire team. Every newsletter is written by a different journalist, each with their own style and interests, so you know what to expect before opening the email.

Each newsletter has its own theme, investigated in detail by the author and shaped in the style of a short article with graphics and additional resources. Unlike other climate newsletters, Bloomberg Green’s also dedicates an entire section to sustainable finance on Wednesday’s titled Good Business.  

It’s a pretty long read, so we recommend subscribing to it if you can spare at least 10 minutes in the morning.

Give it a try and subscribe here.

Carbon Brief Daily

Carbon Brief is known for its in-depth articles and analyses, so it’s no surprise that its newsletter follows the same model. Every day, subscribers receive a detailed look at major environmental news and how these topics are being reported across mainstream and business media.

It’s another long read, but worth taking a few minutes every morning to analyse how topics relevant to your industry are being discussed and by whom. If you have an in-house communications team, this one should definitely be on their subscription list.

You can subscribe here.


Moving away from the long reads, edie’s newsletter is closer to the classic style and compiles a selection of its latest news with a short description of each article. Additionally, edie often includes the latest reports and guides in its daily email, as well as more informal blogs. You will also get notified about interesting features and podcasts, plus receive invites for industry events.

Subscribe to it here.

Greenhouse Morning News

If you only have a couple of minutes to spare to catching-up with the latest news in the mornings, then Greenhouse PR’s newsletter is just what you’re looking for. The company’s newsletter compiles the most important climate news of the day in a quick and easy-to-read email.

The newsletter is handily segmented into industry categories, so you can quickly pick and choose what is the most relevant to you and your business.

You can subscribe to it here.

Our monthly newsletter

I’m going to finish this blog by shamelessly self-promoting our own newsletter. We’ve designed our monthly bulletin to be quick and easy-to-read while bringing you the best value.

In our newsletter, you’ll find our favourite thought leadership article of the month to help you and your business, a content piece we’ve particularly enjoyed and upcoming events that you should be aware of.

If you’d like to receive valuable business content every month, subscribe to our monthly newsletter here.

That’s all for now! Read our previous blogs covering our favourite cleantech publications to read and top influencers to follow on Twitter.  

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