SME and beyond

SME and beyond

You have investors to please, sales to make and an infrastructure to maintain – not to mention the day-to-day challenges of changing legislation, technology complications and, of course, running a business.

Transform your business

The stakes have never been higher. Your commercial goals are in sight, but you have no idea how to get there and how to bring all of the moving parts of your business together.

What you want is public backing, strategic partners and major customers interested in your business. You have the edge over your competitors, and you must ensure this is reflected by those you a working with.

Activities for you

  • — Develop a comprehensive communications strategy

  • — Lay out a commercial company vision
  • — Ensure ultimate consistency across your brand
  • — Launch a PR campaign
  • — Craft high-value content

Keynotes and webinars

Take a deeper dive into the strategy of communication for the cleantech industry with our webinars and some keynote speeches from Alisa and the team.

Webinar: How to use content to achieve your marketing goals

Webinar: How to use content to achieve your marketing goals

As interruptive marketing becomes increasingly outdated, content marketing – in the form of thought leadership – is the primary way to reach and gain new customers. In this webinar, our Brand Manager Fiona McVitie and PR & Content Executive Manon Thomas explain how to build an effective content strategy and reveal how this can help position your cleantech brand as a market leader.

Ecosummit 2019 Berlin

Keynote: Grown up marketing

The cleantech sector has done some growing up in the last ten years. But can we say the same for companies’ marketing habits? We think not. It’s time to grow up.

Thought leadership

Our thought pieces below lay out how to navigate the ever-changing communications landscape, while making sure that every cent of your marketing budget will lead directly towards your commercial goals.

Thought: grown up marketing

The cleantech sector has grown substantially over the last decade, becoming one of the world’s fastest-growing and most talked-about industries. However, has cleantech marketing matched this rapid pace of evolution? We think not. And that’s a problem, as the rules of marketing are changing.

Read our thoughts
Thought: grown up marketing

Podcast: Leaders in Cleantech

Catch our CEO Alisa on the Leaders in Cleantech podcast to discover some things about Alisa and Life Size that you may not know. From our company journey and the challenges we’ve overcome along the way, to how we opened an office in Berlin mid-Brexit, to navigating start-up culture – it’s a great listen!

Podcast: Leaders in Cleantech

Do you have clear commercial goals and need communications support to help achieve them?

Take a look at how we devise strategies to support your vision with the Life Size Blueprint.


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