Sometimes you just have to get going…

You know what? Even a remote working environment can feel tiring from time to time. I love the flexibility, I love the peace, and I love to share an office with my wife – also a remote worker.  However, in spite of all the positives, I am still in Frankfurt, a city I find myself liking, though using the word ‘love’ might be a bit excessive.

That’s why my wife and I decided to make the most out of our flexible work culture by doing some ‘remote’ remote work for a few weeks. We folded our laptops, jumped on a plane, and are now working in the wonderful South Africa.

Admittedly, there was a little more administration to it. But the bottom line is this: sometimes, you just have to take action to harvest the crops.

“To the firsts, lasts, and losts

On a South African t-shirt, the following six words caught my eye and have stuck with me for a while: “To the firsts, lasts, and losts”.

It has a weight to it that I like and it’s a reminder for me to get going with my firsts. In the end, our whole life and work is based on firsts. No lasts without firsts and no ‘losts’ without firsts. Right now, it’s the first time that I am working remotely abroad – and hell yeah, that was a step worth taking!

Speaking of work, firsts can be challenging and firsts can be painful. Essentially, firsts are rarely bests, more likely ‘losts’. But you have to have a first in place in order to eventually reach a best. An easy example: LinkedIn.

Most of you will know that LinkedIn activity is good for your visibility,  great for your business, and even better for your funds. Agree?

Walk the talk

At the same time, most of you probably haven’t published a single LinkedIn post in October. This might be because of limited time, and maybe also because the direct feedback can be frightening. There is a risk of a ‘lost’. A post with no likes? How will that look on my profile? 

Today, I want to encourage you to get going. Your first post will probably not go viral. But you’ll learn from your ‘losts’. Your first post will be the first step in building valuable connections, resulting in a long-lasting community that you can eventually profit from.

The recent Life Size whitepaper covers a similar topic: Building a practical LinkedIn thought leadership strategy for your teams

If you’re looking to get your teams to engage more – perfect fit. If you’re trying to be more active yourself – please also have a look. You’ll learn how to get started and create engaging LinkedIn content.

Do you still have reservations or concerns that are keeping you from launching your communications strategy? Let us know what they are and we’ll remove the obstacles together:

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