Congratulations! You’ve invented a game-changing technology. You’ve created a company and you’ve generated your first round of investment.

Build your brand

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it”, wrote author Simon Sinek. As a cleantech start-up in a crowded and competitive marketplace, you need to stand out from your competitors.

To do that, you need to ask yourself “why” should an investor buy into my technology, “why” should a customer buy from me, “why” should the media be interested? Understanding your company gives you the tools to be able to develop a unique brand.

Activities for you

  • — Understand your company’s unique traits

  • — Advice and exercises for engaging your team
  • — Analyse your competitors
  • — Establish your brand attributes
  • — Identify your key messages
  • — Develop a value proposition
  • — Build a visual brand that reflects your company

How to build a successful brand

We have packaged the core Life Size brand methodology into this 6-step video series which should give you some ideas of how to approach building your brand. This process has helped dozens of Life Size clients build original brands and achieve successful milestones.

What is a brand (and do I really need one?)

Brand is something that you need to take very seriously. It’s something that you need to invest in and something that can transform your business.

Why you need to ask ‘why?’

Focus on the centre of your brand: your “why”. We believe that “why” is where the magic happens. “Why” is where we connect on an emotional level and how we are motivated. It’s what delivers real change and drives success.

Finding your brand attributes

Have you ever thought about your company’s personality?

Alongside your “why”, your company’s personality forms the foundation of your brand. We challenge you to distil how your view your company into three core attributes that helps define and guide your communications decisions.

Defining your value proposition

Selling your company, whether to customers, investors or even media, is a challenge. Develop a precise value proposition (“why people buy stuff from you”) to clarify how your audiences will benefit from your technology.

Identifying your key messages

Pull all of these elements together to establish your key messages that can be used throughout all of your communications materials, both internal and external. Use it as your bible and know them inside out.

Living and breathing your brand

How you look and sound is irrelevant if it isn’t true to what your company is. Make sure that your brand does feel authentic to your intentions, abilities and ambitions so that you can consistently stand by everything you’ve worked so hard to create.

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