To be a successful business, you need a successful company culture

No matter what stage your cleantech business is at, having a successful company culture will be vital if you are to achieve your commercial goals. Whether you’re looking for the best talent to enhance your team, expanding your customer portfolio as you internationalise or seeking the investment that will take you to the next level, having a positive company culture will be crucial to your success.

Over half of respondents to a 2019 survey of workers across the UK, France, Germany and the U.S. stated that company culture is more important than salary when it comes to job satisfaction. The vast majority of those surveyed also said that they would consider a company’s culture, mission and purpose before applying for a role. These findings show that the road to commercial success begins by finding your culture and identity, including your company mission and vision.

Knowing who you are isn’t simple

As with all forms of communications, getting your messaging right is an investment and requires a defined and comprehensive strategy. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your time and your money. Two vital elements of messaging are a company’s mission and vision. Ask yourself: could you clearly explain your company’s personality and what makes you unique to someone who isn’t aware of who are you? If you haven’t thought about your identity and spent time understanding your company mission and vision, the answer will more than likely be no.

It’s essential to recognise the difference between a company mission and vision. While a mission describes what a company does in the present, a vision looks to the future and states what an organisation wants to become. While a mission and vision can be used interchangeably, one doesn’t work without the other.

Once you’ve got the strategy in place and identified your mission and vision, you can move onto pinpointing your key messages that further showcase your unique selling point. A good way of doing this is to think across four types of messaging – operational, commercial, technical and visionary. Identifying key message across these areas will help to craft your business story and set you apart from your competitors, something that is vital in the already crowded and ever-expanding cleantech space.

Communicating your culture

Once you’ve built your company culture, you then need to make sure you communicate it effectively. Key messaging and a company story are invaluable in making sure that your entire company remains consistent in both its internal and external communications. They should also be used across areas such as your website copy, marketing materials, PR activity and social media content.

Your culture should be evident and run through everything you do as a company. New team members should receive training about your culture as soon as possible, while being transparent and authentic about your culture will help to maintain the trust of your employees and keep them engaged as your business grows.

It’s also crucial that communicating your culture is a top-down approach, with board members leading by example. People won’t buy into your company culture if it doesn’t seem genuine, such as if board members and other senior staff don’t live by the values they expect of others. One company that does this incredibly well is our client Danfoss Editron. The company lives and breathes electrification, firmly believing that it will be a vital part of a carbon-free future and can help improve air quality around the world. Danfoss Editron’s Vice President Kimmo Rauma is particularly passionate for the technology. Whether he is being interviewed by the press, speaking at industry events or sharing his thoughts on social media, Kimmo always spreads the same positive message and core company values. It’s not just Kimmo that promotes electrification though. The company’s values are endorsed by all members of the Danfoss Editron team, because as they say on their website: ‘the future is electric. It’s in our DNA.’

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