Get ready to work with people that you respect, like and trust

Get ready to work with people that you respect, like and trust

Our international team has come to Life Size from many different paths, experiences and backgrounds. What we share is a desire to do stimulating work that matters.

Meet the team

Alisa Murphy

CEO and Founder

Adam Brady

Head of Campaigns UK

Jan Bohnerth

Head of Campaigns DE

Lee Lodge

PR Manager UK

Emma Murphy

Head of Film

Manon Thomas

PR Executive UK

Lucia Schweigert

PR Executive DE

Thoughts from the team

Why did you choose to work in cleantech?

“I wanted to work in communications but for an agency or in a sector where I felt that it mattered.”

— Adam, Head of Campaigns UK

What does the word cleantech represent to you?

“Any kind of technology with a purpose to fight climate change and contribute positively to sustainable development.”

— Manon, PR Executive UK

What do you do to have a sustainable lifestyle outside of Life Size Media?

“Avoid flights wherever possible, I love the train.”

— Emma, Head of Film

What is the best thing about working with engineers and scientists?

“They have the intelligence and insight to actually create these solutions that we need in the first place, and be right at the heart of that innovation. That’s really special.”

— Alisa, CEO and Founder


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