Transform your business with a 3-month strategic marketing and communications plan

If you are investing in communications, you need to work with a defined and comprehensive strategy. Otherwise, you will simply be wasting both your time and money. Dedicating three months to developing a detailed and actionable communications plan will maximise your resources and accelerate your business.

Our Blueprint

Our Blueprint

The Life Size Blueprint is a strategic marketing and communications plan that is built in direct response to your company vision and commercial goals. We develop each plan for our clients using a honed methodology that we have crafted during our decade of experience transforming cleantech companies.

Our Blueprint removes guesswork and habit from the marketing mix, replacing them with clarity and focus. We ensure that there is an integrated approach to communications that will deliver on your commercial goals with long-term results.

The Blueprint Chapters

The Blueprint is about deep insight and actionable information. For each chapter, expect a concrete output that will form a key component of your ongoing communications activities.

  1. Audience
  2. Stakeholders
  3. Competitors
  4. Media landscape
  5. Vision story
  6. Commercial roadmap
  7. Key messages
  8. Value proposition
  9. Brand plan
  10. Content plan
  11. PR plan
  12. Final strategy

The Blueprint Process

Follow our clear roadmap that will get you from identifying and understanding your goals to taking actions to achieve them.

  1. Commercial roadmap
  2. Challenges
  3. Audience
  4. Vision story
  5. Value proposition
  6. Brand plan

Life Size Brand Workshop

Focusing on your ‘why’, the Life Size brand workshop challenges you to articulate your company’s personality. We will establish an identity for your company, as if it’s a friend you’d spend time with, and produce guidelines that will help develop this into a visual brand.

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Life Size Brand Workshop

Life Size Value Proposition Workshop

The Life Size value proposition workshop focuses on your customers’ ‘why’. What is so special about your company that you deserve their business? This workshop looks at your target audiences and helps to define the messages that will compel them to sign on the dotted line.

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Life Size Value Proposition Workshop

Benefits of The Blueprint

Marketing outcomes:

  • A communications strategy that directly supports your commercial goals
  • Confidence that your investment in communications is focused on high- value activities that will deliver real results
  • Clarity on how to make best use of your marketing budget, tools, people and agencies
  • Focus, efficiency and integration across all of your marketing activities

Business outcomes:

  • Define a compelling value proposition to create clarity with customers and drive sales
  • Differentiate your business with a brand strategy that supports your vision and messages that showcase your unique selling point
  • Craft a business story that sets you apart in the market and builds international profile
  • Create a consistent story that is used and understood by both internal and external stakeholders

“We really benefited from LSM’s outside-in perspective on our work and their blueprint on what to focus on in our future communication strategy. Now it is about implementing and refining constantly.”

Dr Fabian Lemke, Co-founder and Managing Director,

Ongoing campaigns

Ongoing campaigns

Your Blueprint will outline a highly effective communications campaign for your business. We are able to offer ongoing campaigns in Brand, Content and PR.

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