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Creating a digital educational platform to cut through the plastic conversation

Creating a digital educational platform to cut through the plastic conversation

Positioning yourself as a thought leader is crucial for cleantech businesses looking to reach a mainstream audience. We build and deliver bold and impactful content campaigns that make a tangible contribution to achieving your commercial goals.

The client

Biome Bioplastics is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of compostable and biodegradable plastics. The company’s mission is to produce bioplastics that challenge the dominance of oil-based polymers and ultimately replace them completely. Building on 20 years of development activity, Biome Bioplastics produces a range of high-performance, plant-based bioplastics that are industrially and home compostable.

The challenge

2018 marked a turning point in the global conversation surrounding plastics and their role in society, including the environmental issues arising from their disposal.

Biome Bioplastics wanted to present the environmental benefits of using bio-based and compostable plastics, while raising brand awareness and building its position as an industry thought leader. The company had previously struggled to cut through the debate, so decided to engage in an integrated marketing campaign to help make its voice heard.

The #ThinkBioplastic campaign that Life Size created for us has had a measurable impact on our activities. The positive feedback received as well as the increased number of social media followers have shown that the public is engaging with the issue more than ever and is not only learning about the challenges but taking action. Importantly, the videos were colourful and fun. In an era of mass communication, it is difficult to hit the target, let alone deliver the intended message in such a way that it prompts decisive change.”

Krisztina Kovacs-Schreiner, former Project and Business Development Manager

The solution

In order to cut through the noise and avoid adding to the confusion surrounding the different types of bio-based plastics, we knew we had to take a back-to-basics approach that would put the emphasis on science and facts. Our aim was to bring bioplastics into the global debate and present them as a leading solution, among several, which can reduce the negative impact of plastic manufacture and disposal.

Creating and directing a video series

By setting this goal, we were able to develop a concept for the campaign: the creation of an educational platform that would exhibit comprehensive information about the whole plastic picture all in one place, in an easily digestible format. There, we would distribute content highlighting the challenges the UK was facing, including the manufacture, recycling and disposal of plastic. This platform would have a simple yet punchy name: #ThinkBioplastic.

Inspired by explanatory journalism such as Vox, we decided to produce a video series titled “Our Plastic Predicament” that would be released alongside the #ThinkBioplastic platform. Comprising of short and simple, yet impactful, videos, Our Plastic Predicament explains to the public the untold story of the plastic industry, without confusing technical jargon, so that the audience could form their own ideas of solutions to the plastic problem.

Development of an impactful sub-brand

To harness the full potential of #ThinkBioplastic, we needed more than just a name and video content. While the Life Size Film team was writing and producing the videos, we developed a complete visual identity and set of messags to take #ThinkBioplastic from concept to established brand.

Working with a freelance designer, we developed a visual identity that allowed #ThinkBioplastic to effectively convey its message while standing out from the crowd. In addition to creating a logo, posters and infographics that could be used either digitally or printed, we built a website dedicated to #ThinkBioplastic. The website served as the hosting platform for the videos, in addition to their dedicated YouTube channel, infographics, posters and FAQs.

Using strategic planning to secure success

To ensure a successful launch of the #ThinkBioplastic platform and Our Plastic Predicament video series, we crafted a detailed distribution strategy and plan that covered PR activities, social media and community outreach. For the social media distribution, we created a dedicated Twitter and Instagram account and built a content calendar. We also partnered with wildlife photographer Sue Flood, who spread the word about our campaign and highlighted the scope of plastic pollution during her trips worldwide, from South America to the northernmost point of Norway.

The preparation and planning work were crucial in the campaign’s success and enabled us to exceed Biome Bioplastics’ expectations.

The result

#ThinkBioplastic positioned Biome Biopastics as a thought leader in its industry and the go-to partner for educating a mainstream audience on the importance of bioplastics. The modern and bold brand identity we created for #ThinkBioplastic, as well as the visual materials, enabled partners to catch the attention of their audience and share the message far and wide.  

Boosted by the success of the first series, which generated over 13,000 views on YouTube alone, we were commissioned again to create, direct and produce a second series that was launched in April 2019. We replicated the same distribution strategy and process and managed to generate over 15,000 views on YouTube.

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